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COOLCast is a weekly discussion about 'Collabative Open Online Learning'.  All are welcome to tune in and join in.  The conversation usually takes place on Wednesdays at 1400GMT (global times) and is streamed live at http://edtechtalk.com/live  We currently use Google+ Hangouts for the discussion.  You can find the Hangout link in the text chat or on my Google+ Page.  Below are archives of past COOLCast discussions. 

COOLCast#1 - September 14, 2011

Collaborative Open Online Learning
Sept. 14, 2011
Participants: Lisa M LaneVance StevensKate RobbinsSanford Arbogast, Jeff Lebow

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Next Scheduled COOLCast - Sept. 21 1400GMT global times
Some links mentioned: 

EduMOOC 2011 Gradcast


The Final EduMOOC Webcast

August 17, 2011


ParticipantsVance StevensLisa M LaneAlison SnieckusOsvaldo RodriguezRowan Fairgrove, & Jeff Lebow


 Topic:  The future of MOOC's and online education ... and acronym alternatives to MOOC, including 

   SOOC - Scalable Open Online Course 

   MILE - Massive Informal Learning Experience 

   COOL - Collaborative Open Online Learning


Osvaldo's EduMOOC Survey



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The Penultimate EduMOOCast - August 10, 2011

Week#6 MOOCast - August 3, 2011


Participants: Maria Droujkova, Rob DarrowJoel Josephson, Rebecca HogueAlison Snieckus, Chahira Nouira, & Jeff Lebow

Topics discussed include PLN's, MOOC wiki page, depth of social media.



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Chat Log Below

Week#5 EduMOOCast - July 27, 2011

MOOCast Week#4

A Hangout w/ Stephen Downes

A Hangout w/ Stephen Downes
July 15, 2011
Topics: G+ First Impressions, Change MOOC Forecast, & Interesting Background Noises

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