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Using mobile, online, and/or live, interactive technology has the potential to engage students, improve learning outcomes, and make an educator’s job more interesting.

ENG250 Projects (Spring 2015)

I have asked my brave students at Busan University of Foreign Studies create audiovisual materials for the purposes of learning and/or practicing language.  Here is some of what they've produced so far.
Course Website at: http://eng250.blogspot.com 
Complete Project Exhibition


Being ABLE to Teach Online Presentation Webcast for Busan KOTESOL




Hanging out for ELT


Conference Conversations and Photos from #kotesol2014

ELT Live - 'Start of the Semester - University Edition'

ELT  Live Webcast
'Start  of the Semester - University Edition'
August 28, 2014
A Group of University Instructors in Korea 'hangout' and discuss our approaches to the first week or two of classes and what projects and goals we're working on for this coming semester. 

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Next Show: Tuesday, September 2, 2014  8pmKST, 1100GMT Global Times
Event Pages: Google+  
Topic: Hows, Whats, and Whys (or why nots) of class websites and other online resources.  

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Australia Language Videos


TTP 3+3 2013 Time Capsule

Sage, Krystal, Kelly, Minji

Nora, Taylor, Michelle, Haram

Young, Bruce, Michelle, Blair


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