Single Computer HangoutCasting Trial - July 22, 2011

EFL Hangout with Chiew Pang


EFL Hangout w/ Chiew Pang
Questions for the Questioner
July 20, 2011

The creator of A CLIL To ClimbDogme Diaries, and I ASK U shares his ELT journey and discusses his various language learning projects.

 Catch his Reform Symposium presentation 'Beyond the First Dimension' live on July 30 at 1800UTC

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Korea Business Talk #1


Korea Business Talk #1
July 16, 2011

A collaborative project brought to you by &

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Participants:  Jeff Lebow,  Joshua DaviesDaniel LafontaineHyungsik Yoon
Adam H CaveDavid YoonDon Southerton

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Next KBT Webcast: July 30 11amKST

EFL Teacher Talk w/ Brad Patterson

EFL Teacher Talk
w/ guest Brad Patterson of,,
A journée in language, & The ELT Blog Challenge

    July 13, 2011
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    MOOCast - Week#3


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