Adjusting to Feeds and dusting off

After years of neglect, I'm dusting off this site and once again working on putting together a decent personal site that will aggregate webcasts from assorted Worldbridges sites, serve as an archive for presentation materials, and, on occasion, feature the stray blog post.  Getting ready for the next week's Busan Kotesol conference was the impetus, but some tweaking has been long overdue.

I've been been adjusting to the Feeds module which has replace Drupal's old Feedapi module.  I'm not quite grokking it yet - I like that it imports the audio flash players from external sites, but haven't been able to get enclosures to work so that people could subscribe to a podcast (not that there's going to be a huge demand).  I am very happy with the new Whizzywig module - much lighter and less problematic than tinymce and fckeditor.  

Since this may wind up being last blog post of the year, I'll toss in a couple of other updates.  I'm in week#17 of teaching at the Teacher Training Program at Pusan University of Foreign Studies.  It's been a good way to get back into the classroom full time and gave me a chance to take Moodle out for a spin (been a while).  It will never replace Drupal as my CMS soulmate, but it's worked quite well and will probably use that for most class sites going forward.  Koreabridge renovation continues to chug along, albeit slower than I'd hoped - day job getting in the way as usual.