EVO2013 Launch Webcast

EVO2013 LaunchWebcast
January 13
2013 Call for Participation

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January 13, 2013

21:22Jeff Lebow: Getting ready now - stream should be active in about 15 minutes
21:59Jeff Lebow: Hello Jens
21:59Jeff Lebow: Are you able to see and hear the video?
21:59unnamedHi from jens MachinEVO---wow.....!
22:00unnamedJens: well many platforms....used today....what is best
22:01Jeff Lebow: it's a matter of personal preference, I suppose.
22:01Jeff Lebow: Personally, I love Google+ Hangouts
22:02Jeff Lebow: Others prefer Elluminate or WizIQ or SL
22:04Jens from MachinEVO: how do I go to my google hangout....?
22:05Jens from MachinEVO: any names?
22:06Jens from MachinEVO: I need link to Elluminate...
22:39Jeff Lebow: Hello all
22:40Jeff Lebow: You can enter your names at the top of this chat window
22:40Jeff Lebow: Is everyone able to watch and hear OK?
22:41Lucy: Hello, guys. I can see and hear you from Abu Dhabi.
22:41Lucy: Happy New Year and good luck today.
22:42unnamedbesitos... from Venezuela
22:43Tamas Lorincz: Hello all, good to be here. I'm Tamas and I live in Dubai
22:45unnamedhi gang - best place to listen JL?
22:48Durff: Hi Dubai - nonwebhead living in southcentral PA, USA
22:50Durff: we hear you loud and clear on stream, in room, are you in SL too?
22:52vance: hi Durff, yes
22:53Jeff Lebow:http://webheadsinaction.org (here)
22:53Durff: check
22:53Durff: 7 mins'
22:55Durff: they learned their audio lessons well
22:55Nina 1: Good morning all
22:56Durff: slurl for SL location please?
22:56Durff: hi Nina
22:57Nina 1: I don't know
22:57Durff: but Meno does
22:57Lucy: Hi, Jeff. I can hear you perfectly.
22:58Durff: ty
22:58Nina 1: Thanks
22:58graciela from Argentina: hi
22:58Bob: Hello everybody from northern Poland
22:58Nina 1: trying to find the volume
22:59Bob: Nina - hover over bottom of video - same as youtube
22:59unnamedhi folks
22:59Nina 1: Thanks, duh!
22:59Bob: No Prob
22:59unnamedHi Everyone
22:59Illya : Hi all
23:00Alexander Hayes: Hi folks
23:00Alexander Hayes: great to be here
23:00Nina 1: Jeff, can you give me the hangout URL? You gave me a SLURL
23:00Jose Rodriguez: Hi
23:00Alexander Hayes: what a great connection
23:00Nina 1: Hi Jose!
23:00Jose Rodriguez: Morning from L.A.
23:00Jose Rodriguez: Hi Nina
23:00Jose Rodriguez: Hey
23:01Illya : Great quality!
23:01Angelika_Austria: Hi from Austria
23:01Nina 1: omg what an out-of-body experience
23:01Jose Rodriguez: Checking in today courtesy of McDondalds free wifi :)
23:02Durff: Coordinator!
23:02Jose Rodriguez: HI Durff..
23:02Durff: we're in SL
23:02Bob: Session links at the bottom of webheadsinaction.org
23:02Nina 1: I was listening to the recording above and trying to join it when suddenly I saw myself there.
23:02Durff: McD's is so nice to hand it out nice
23:02Jose Rodriguez: audio is good
23:02Durff: audio is fine
23:02Bob: Audio fine in webheadsinaction
23:03Durff: may be their own bandwidth
23:03graciela from Argentina: no problem
23:03Durff: but chaos is good
23:04Alexander Hayes: lol....I've lost my connections in Hnagout
23:04Alexander Hayes: window has dissapeared for some reason
23:04Nina 1: Where is the live stream?
23:05Illya : Hello Durff, it's been forever since we last met!
23:05Jose Rodriguez: live stream on webheadsinaction.org
23:05Nina 1: THX
23:05Jose Rodriguez: click on play on the youtube window
23:05Durff: hi illya
23:05Angelika_Austria: Is there any possibility of getting to know the names of the persons presenting?
23:06Nina 1: Maryland, actually
23:07Illya : It was a great session! I learned a lot in it last year
23:07Tee.Auster: *waves*
23:08Durff: waves at Tee
23:08Tee.Auster: Heya Durff
23:10Nina 1: My screen isn't large enough to follow the chat and watch the video :-(
23:10Illya : I have two windows open
23:10Illya : It's easier that way
23:10Bob: Good idea illy
23:10Bob: Illya
23:10Illya : :)
23:10Durff: I have SL in one and webhead on another
23:11Durff: brb
23:11Alexander Hayes: I have Hnagout audio perfectly fine but have lost my video window
23:11kimdayoung: hello?
23:12marina gonzalez: hello, great to hear Tamas expalining our session!!
23:13Nina 1: Thx to Illya, I opened another browser window and can watch and chat
23:13http://jefflebow.titanpad.com/4:Besitos... everyone!! you look and sound great... besitos from Venezuela
23:13Illya : Great :)
23:14Nina 1: What's with the stream? Is anyone else experiencing a lot of pauses?
23:14Jeff Lebow: Hello from Busan, Korea
23:14Illya : yes, also
23:14Jose Rodriguez: Hi From Los Angeles..
23:14vance: hi from Abu Dhabi
23:14Nina 1: Hi from outside Washington, DC
23:14Illya : Hi from Switzerland
23:15Illya : Hi Jose!
23:15marina gonzalez: i'm in Buenso Aireshello,
23:15Tee.Auster: Hello, New York State, Special Ed administrator
23:15Jose Rodriguez: awesome indeed
23:15Miguel Mendoza: Hi
23:15Jose Rodriguez: Hi lllya
23:15Durff: hello from southcentral PA USA
23:15Bob: Hi from Poland
23:15Stephanie: STephanie from Germany
23:15Jeff Lebow: Tamas video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_r_v3y4zzI
23:15Jose Rodriguez: Hola MIguel
23:15Illya : This is the highlight of the year!
23:15unnamedHi all - it's Laine Marshall in New York
23:15Illya : twitter account?
23:15Nina 1: @Illya, just the portal to the highlight!
23:16Nina 1: Hi Laine!
23:16Miguel Mendoza: Hi everyone
23:16Illya : the whole EVO sessions
23:16Durff: here
23:16Nina 1: @Illya, we agree then
23:16Illya : @Nina 1 :)
23:17Nina 1: Illya, which session are you doing?
23:17Durff: from here
23:17Laine Marshall: @ Nina - Hi so excited to begin EVO again!
23:17Illya : neuroscience and digital stroytelling, and you?
23:17Nina 1: I will lurk in neuroscience
23:17Nina 1: and I will be in podcasting
23:18Illya : @Nina I wish I could be in all of them
23:18Nina 1: @Laine, it's always an exiting time :-)
23:18Bob: Illya and Nina - I will be in Neurosciences and lurking in Webhead
23:18Miguel Mendoza: Hola José
23:18Illya : @Bob it will be a great ride
23:18Nina 1: Great, Bob. Where are you in Poland? Are you British or American?
23:18Jose Rodriguez: @Miguel great seeing you here
23:18Miguel Mendoza: Miguel Mendoza Caracas Venezuela. Podcsting for the ESl-EFL Classroom. Presente:)
23:19Bob: Northern Poland but origianlly from London - British
23:19FlaviaUhlmann (São Paulo,Brazil):Hello, I'm Flavia Uhlmann from São Paulo,Brazil
23:19Nina 1: Welcome, Flavia!
23:19Bob: Hi Flavia
23:19Miguel Mendoza: Yeah...José...!!! Happy to know you are participating in this EVO launch event.
23:19FlaviaUhlmann (São Paulo,Brazil):First time on EVO. I'll be attending BAW, Neuroscience in Ed. and Desiging fro B
23:20Illya : Big hugs to Osna!
23:20Jose Rodriguez: I'll be participating in the DigiKids session
23:20Nina 1: Flavia, you will be overwhelmed by 3 sessions unless you are on vacation and able to devote yourself full time to EVO
23:20Bob: What a lot Flavia - I hope you have a lot of free time :)
23:20Nina 1: EVO is very intense
23:20Illya : not here
23:21Nina 1: Just interacting can take hours, without even reading or doing activities
23:21Jose Rodriguez: @Nina.. those side chats are part of the learning :D
23:21Jose Rodriguez: but you should still do your homework
23:21Nina 1: Yes, of course--maybe the most important part! I
23:22Illya : @Osna we hear you
23:23Durff: JL confuses all of us - he likes it that way
23:23Nina 1: Audio is very broken up
23:23Durff: not here
23:23Durff: likely your bandwidth
23:23Nina 1: Could it be my connection then?
23:24Durff: yes
23:24Jose Rodriguez: audio ok here
23:24Nina 1: I have broadband, why should it break up?
23:24Nina 1: Would it help to leave and return?
23:24Illya : I lost video
23:24Bob: Nina Depends on how big bandwidth is.
23:25Nina 1: Never had any problem before
23:25Bob: Especially if you have 2 browsers open!
23:25FlaviaUhlmann (São Paulo,Brazil):Nina, I'll do my best, but my private students wil be back from wlk of Jan. 21 on. then things will be harder.
23:25Nina 1: Good luck, Flavia!
23:26FlaviaUhlmann (São Paulo,Brazil):tks.
23:26Lucy: Hello, from Abu Dhabi
23:26Durff: camstudio
23:26Durff: must be
23:26Durff: Camstasia cost me $300
23:27Nina 1: Hi Lucy from Maryland USA
23:27Nina 1: Jeff is an artist
23:28Tee.Auster: yeah!
23:29Illya : @Flavia I'll be in Neurosciences if you need any help
23:29Susan Hillyard: Ssusan Hillyards from Bs As....Hi
23:29Lucy: Hi, Nina.
23:29Laine Marshall: YAY Nellie from Moodle4 Teachers!
23:29Miguel Mendoza: José...How do I join the Google hangout...Will they invite us to join them?
23:29Nina 1: Miguel, you made it! Terrific!
23:30Illya : @Miguel There's only room for 10
23:30Jose Rodriguez: @Miguel.. when it is your turn to present your session I believe
23:30Jose Rodriguez: there should be a link available
23:31Jose Rodriguez: Jeff probably started the hangout
23:31Jens Olsen: is this the official text chat?
23:31Illya : I love Wiziq
23:31Jens Olsen: ah, I am logged in as Jens
23:31Jens Olsen: haha
23:31Heike: now
23:31Heike: that is different
23:31Nina 1: @Jens, there are several "official" places to join this event. You are fine.
23:32Heike: where is the official text chat
23:32Heike: ?
23:32Nina 1: Here is fine
23:32Heike: ok
23:32Illya : @Nina1 are you one of the moderators? There are several Ninas
23:32Nina 1: I enjoyed listening to you talk about Machinemo
23:32Nina 1: @Illya, I am on the coordinating team
23:32Susan Hillyard: Hi Can anybody see this?
23:32Nina 1: Hi Susan
23:33Jeff Lebow: Miguel, you should see a hangout link at:https://plus.google.com/u/0/105999634356572746040/posts
23:33Susan Hillyard: Thanks Nina!
23:33Bob: Hello Susan - lots of us can see your text
23:33Susan Hillyard: (I have NO idea what I'm doing?
23:33Nina 1: That's what's so much fun, Susan
23:33Bob: Just listen and ask in text if you have questions
23:33unnamedFun Huh!
23:34Susan Hillyard: I am totally frustrated
23:34Nina 1: Why, Susan?
23:34Bob: Why?
23:34Susan Hillyard: Yes!
23:34Illya : Susan. if you need the hangout, Jeff jsut posted it above
23:34Heike: can I get the link to the live hangout on air?
23:34Susan Hillyard: Because I cannot understand what we are doing
23:35Heike: this is on youtube right?
23:35Heike: welcome Susan
23:35Heike: haha
23:35Nina 1: We are kicking off this year's Electronic Village Online
23:35Bob: Susan, we are listening to introducations about each of the courses available on EVO this year
23:35Nina 1: Moderators of various sessions are talking about them
23:35Susan Hillyard: Hi Heike!!!!
23:35Bob: *introductions
23:35Nina 1: You need to click on PLAY above in the video window
23:35Nina 1: to hear them
23:36MiguelP_ven: Hi there! This is Evelyn Izquierdo from Venezuela.
23:36Durff: telehone
23:36MiguelP_ven: I'm jumpling from one platform to another, ha ha.
23:36MiguelP_ven: jumping*
23:36Durff: how many are there today?
23:37Nina 1: Evelyn or Miguel P?
23:37MiguelP_ven: This amazing, Google+, Elluminate, WiZiQ, Second Life, this site here.
23:37Illya : EVO has now outdone itself with this kickoff!
23:37MiguelP_ven: I'm Evelyn
23:37Nina 1: No wonder we are confused!
23:37MiguelP_ven: I don't know why I appear as Miguel P
23:38Nina 1: @Eve why does your name come up as Miguel P?
23:38MiguelP_ven: :(
23:38Miguel Pérez: Here's Miguel Pérez from Venezuela... I don't know why it shows up like me....
23:38MiguelP_ven: Quite strange, two Miguels were enough, LOL
23:38Nina 1: Hola, Miguel
23:38Jose Rodriguez: It's here double identity.. :D
23:38Miguel Pérez: Hello, Nina!
23:38MiguelP_ven: LOL
23:38Nina 1: One can never have enough Miguels, LOL
23:38Jose Rodriguez: It's *her
23:38Jose Rodriguez: @Nina lol
23:38MiguelP_ven: There are two Miguels this year José
23:39Jose Rodriguez: yep.. I saw that the best of luck
23:39MiguelP_ven: Miguel Mendoza and Miguel Pérez
23:39MiguelP_ven: and two ladies: Yuly (in Arizona) and me (Evelyn)
23:39Jose Rodriguez: btw I visited your page... let me know if you need any informal help
23:40MiguelP_ven: sure, José, whenever you want. You are always welcome!
23:40Jose Rodriguez: gracias
23:41Heike: cant seem to join WizIQ
23:41Durff: wondering why you are using a old version of Elluminate
23:41Nina 1: Hi Tere!
23:41Durff: with 12.0 tablets and phones can join
23:42MiguelP_ven: 10 years!!!!!! I'm so proud to be from BAW2005 promo.
23:43MiguelP_ven: wow
23:44MiguelP_ven: 200 hundred
23:44unnamedDear Greetings from the country of Mount Everest....
23:44Susan Hillyard: I can't seem to text
23:45Heike: great to see you too!
23:45Illya : I see you, Susan
23:45Jeff Lebow: This is Ayat speaking
23:45Bob: you just did Susan!
23:45Susan Hillyard: Oh now I can
23:45Tee.Auster: Hiya Nini!
23:45Susan Hillyard: I don't underestand what we are doing
23:46Susan Hillyard: HELP!!!!
23:46Jeff Lebow: We are streaming a tour of different EVO sessions and venues
23:46Bob: Susan - can you hear sound and see video?
23:46Jeff Lebow: This is Fernanda speaking from Portugal
23:47Morteza Barin: hi
23:47Susan Hillyard: @Bob.....I have 2 different audios going on and am chatting here
23:47Bob: Do you have 2 browsers open?
23:48Nina 1: @Tere, just perused the 10th anniversary page--what great memories!
23:49Susan Hillyard: Hmmm...........don't ask Qs that I can't answer!!!!!!!
23:49Bob: Susan - where are you getting the 2 audios from?
23:49Illya : Susan, maybe you have the same window open twice
23:49Nina 1: Hi Morteza
23:49Illya : That would explain two audios
23:50Illya : You can stop the video in one of the windows and jsut use the chat and use the otther for video
23:50Susan Hillyard: Verty difficult
23:50Jose Rodriguez: This is the session I am joining
23:50Illya : @Susan, you could also close all windows and start over
23:51Bob: Video is like youtube - hover over bottom you will get controls and can mute one
23:51Illya : @Jose- see you there :)
23:51Durff: Susan - close one window
23:51Jose Rodriguez: I am still using posterous... I just ignore all the other options
23:51Susan Hillyard:Nooooooooo.............It took me 23 mins to get here!!!!!!
23:51Jose Rodriguez: and use it as my main class blog
23:51Illya : @jose I think the problem is if you want to sign up fresh
23:52Nina 1: @Susan, mute or turn down one audio
23:52Jose Rodriguez: I see.. I've had it for a while
23:52Jose Rodriguez: you can always just leave a comment
23:52Jose Rodriguez: or interact in edmodo
23:52Durff: sneaking away to go make coffee
23:53Heike: mmh, I seem to hear the same again now
23:53Nina 1: yes
23:53Jose Rodriguez: @durff..get me some decaf please
23:53Jeff Lebow: This is Marisa from Athens
23:53Susan Hillyard: @Nina I now have dared and I have somwone talking about posterous......
23:53Nina 1: Hi Marisa!
23:53Jose Rodriguez: Hi Marisa
23:53Susan Hillyard: Hi Marisa
23:53Bob: Hello Marisa
23:54Nina 1: EVO is all about learning curves
23:54Nina 1: for everyone
23:54Illya : Facebook seems to be taking over everything
23:54Morteza Barin: the voice is breaking down
23:54Susan Hillyard: Ha!
23:54Nina 1: Facebook or Google
23:54Nina 1: Morteza, I had that problem earlier but it's resolved
23:54Morteza Barin: only some words from time to time i can hear
23:54unnamedHi everyone ! I m Mbarek Akaddar from Morocco ; BAW2013 week 1 co moderator
23:54Nina 1: Hi Mbarek
23:55Jeff Lebow: Morteza, you might try the audio only stream
23:55Illya : Hi Mbarek
23:55unnamedHello Nina , glad to see you here
23:55Susan Hillyard: I think I should take the WebHeads course!
23:55Nina 1: unnamed = ?
23:55Bob: Morteza - maybe you don't have enough bandwith - stop video and use audio to the right of video
23:55unnamedI couldn't log to illuminate
23:55Nina 1: Who are you?
23:56unnamedMbarek >> Hi Illya
23:57Nina 1: Susan, when you are first learning, BAW is the best session
23:57Heike: mmh deja-vu
23:57Nina 1: OK, Mbarek, I see now up in the chat! Sorry
23:57Susan Hillyard: I know.......I never did it but I do moderate on EVO Drama every year so no time to do both
23:57Nina 1: I understand, moderating is a big job
23:58Susan Hillyard: been doinbg it for 6 years
23:58Illya : Susan, try the google hangout if you are having problems
23:58Nina 1: Hi Miguel!!
23:58Morteza Barin: ok
23:59Jeff Lebow: Susan, you should see a join hangout link at:https://plus.google.com/u/0/105999634356572746040/posts

January 14, 2013

0:00Miguel Pérez: Podcasting on PB works:
0:01Nina 1: Thanks, Miguel, very good! What happened at the end?
0:01Nina 1: You vanished abruptly
0:01Nina 1: oops wrong Miguel!
0:02Nina 1: This is going to be interesting in podcasting with 2 Miguels
0:02Heike: who is talking now?
0:02MiguelP_ven: Nina, I'm in Elluminate
0:02Nina 1: Alex...
0:02Heike: with the yellow glasses?
0:02Jeff Lebow: That was Alexander Hayes
0:02unnamedTried and am in but have 2 audios again!
0:02Heike: what session?
0:02MiguelP_ven: Nina (this is Evelyn)
0:02MiguelP_ven: I wonder why I appear under MiguelP
0:02Nina 1: Hi Eve, I am just here and watching the hangout in another window
0:03Illya : Evelyn, you should be able to change your neame at the top o fhte chat
0:03Nina 1: That is weird
0:03Jeff Lebow: http://veillance.me/
0:03MiguelP_ven: let's see
0:03Bob: Stepping away
0:03Evelyn (@eveweb): here again, trying my identity
0:04Durff: too many big words
0:04Nina 1: Yes, Eve, that's you
0:04Evelyn (@eveweb): Hooray! Uff, what a relief!!
0:04Evelyn (@eveweb): LOL, finally
0:04Nina 1: no more transgender!
0:04Evelyn (@eveweb): definitively
0:04Illya : @Evelyn Welcome to your true identity ;)
0:04Miguel Pérez: @Evelyn hehehe ;)
0:05Durff: Miguel where are?
0:05vance: This is the site Alex mentionedhttp://veillance.me//blog/2013/1/13
0:05Durff: look so cold
0:05Jeff Lebow: Susan, have you found the Hangout link?
0:05Evelyn (@eveweb): We have 72 participants now
0:05Nina 1: No wonder it's a bit confusing
0:05unnamedI don't know.
0:06Illya : That's only here, but there is googlehangout and elluminate too!
0:06unnamedI love EVO Drama and we have 147 members signed up by today but I can't cope with this confusion.
0:06Illya : @evelyn I htought you meant in the chat
0:06http://jefflebow.titanpad.com/4:besitos EVE!!!!!!!
0:06Jose Rodriguez: probably Venezuela time
0:06Durff: 11:30 GMT?
0:07Lucy: what about the POdCasts
0:07Nina 1: Is Venezuela on the same time as New York?
0:07Durff: ah that would be different
0:07Jose Rodriguez: 30 min off from NYC
0:07Nina 1: 10:07 here
0:07Lucy: Jeff, somebody there
0:07Durff: ah
0:07Peggy George: Hello everyone!!!
0:07Nina 1: Hi Peggy
0:07Jose Rodriguez: Caracas..
0:07Doris3m: Hi Peggy!
0:07Durff: hey the party is now complete
0:07Jose Rodriguez: Hey Peggy
0:08http://jefflebow.titanpad.com/4:Hello... besitos everyone.. ahug
0:08http://jefflebow.titanpad.com/4:mmm learning to use this chat ;)
0:08Peggy George: Trying to figure out exactly what to do but Vance's instructions were really great!
0:09Lucy: Hi, Miguel. I am in your group
0:09vance: thanks Peggy
0:09Doris3m: Thanks to everybody! I think EVO is amazing!!!
0:09Peggy George: great question Jeff!!!!!!
0:10Evelyn (@eveweb): Welcome Lucy
0:10Illya : There is always someone to answer questions- participants too
0:10Evelyn (@eveweb): We are happy to have you in our workshop
0:10Evelyn (@eveweb): Thank you, Yllia
0:11Heike: /me waves to Sandra
0:11Durff: I never did learn GMT - I use Durff time
0:11Peggy George: when people disappear it doesn't mean it was on purpose :-) the joys of technology :-)
0:11Illya : :D
0:11Heike: what is Durff time?
0:11Durff: EST USA
0:11Heike: haha
0:11Durff: Jose thought it funny too
0:12Heike: hi Pionia
0:12Bob: back
0:12Heike: wb
0:12Heike: are you Elder Bob?
0:12Doris3m: I am not chatting again
0:12Heike: I thought Elder Bob passed away?
0:13Heike: Pionia
0:13Heike: sorry to have missed you earlier
0:13Heike: Dennis said something and jens
0:13Doris3m: Susan H is now Doris3m!!!
0:13Bob: No, if I remember you are right Elder Bob passed on last year
0:13Heike: ahhh
0:13Heike: Susan
0:13Heike: you can change your name at the top of this chat
0:13Heike: just put your name in
0:14Durff: I didn't know about Elder Bob - sad
0:14Nina 1: athttps://plus.google.com/u/0/105999634356572746040/postswhere is the actual hangout?
0:14Bob: Would love to have a look at machinima but my PC is not powerful enough :(
0:14Miguel Pérez: Podcasting live sessions on wizIQ will be every Saturday at 16:00 GMT
0:14Susan Hillyard: OK
0:14Jose Rodriguez: Thanks Miguel Perez
0:14Nina 1: Will put it on my calendar--but it interferes with tai chi :-(
0:15Jose Rodriguez: Good luck with the podcasting session
0:15Miguel Pérez: Thank you, José!
0:15Jose Rodriguez: I learned a lot from podcasting session and still use the strategies with my students
0:16Tee.Auster: collaborative problem solving/learning
0:16Jose Rodriguez: Learning.. IS messy..
0:16Illya : Words to live by, "learning is messy"!
0:16Jose Rodriguez: the low hanging fruit
0:16Durff: vegetarians don't throw out a line
0:16Tee.Auster: the wolrd is info overload...this is FUN!
0:17Heike: haha
0:17Durff: she minamed the soccer team
0:17Heike: Manchaster United
0:17Heike: haha
0:17Lucy: Podcasting live sessions on wizIQ will be every Saturday at 16:00 GMT
0:17Durff: even I know them
0:17Evelyn (@eveweb): thank you, Lucy
0:17Tee.Auster: Durff...you gotta get out more
0:18Evelyn (@eveweb): Miguel Pérez, José Rodríguez was our co-moderator in 2011
0:18Durff: no time - working on a PhD
0:18Tee.Auster: jk
0:18Ali B: Hello everyone.
0:18Evelyn (@eveweb): José, Miguelito is one of our guest moderators this year
0:19Illya : Glad to see you, Susan!
0:19Nina 1: Welcome, Ali
0:20Ali B: Thank you Nina. Many familiar old timers here
0:20Miguel Pérez: I think I met José before on a Puentes al Mundo session.
0:20Nina 1: I think it's neat that EVO has a low-tech session
0:20Jose Rodriguez: :)
0:21Nina 1: We can't use technology just to talk about technology forever
0:21Mbarek Akaddar: :)
0:21Peggy George: all of the sessions run the same dates, right?
0:21Jose Rodriguez: Yep.. I remember Miguel Perez
0:21Nina 1: yes, Peggy
0:21Mbarek Akaddar: Hi Evelyn :)
0:21Heike: wonderful!!!
0:21Durff: did he just admit he is a geek?
0:22Illya : Edugeeks meet artistgeeks
0:22Heike: we geeks like to hangout with you artitst
0:22Nina 1: he did!
0:22Jose Rodriguez: Well... great catching up with you all.
0:22Heike: dito Jose
0:22Durff: Jose do take care
0:22Nina 1: Thanks, Jose, good to see you
0:22Jose Rodriguez: Gotta run.. looking forward to a great EVO 2013
0:22Durff: say hello to your daughter
0:22Ali B: @ Heike: We geeks.. I like that!
0:22Jose Rodriguez: I will durff
0:22Jose Rodriguez: thanks
0:22Illya : Edugeeks :)
0:23Ali B: I prefer Edugeeks...
0:23Illya : I'm proud to be one
0:23Nina 1: I would like to be one
0:24Nina 1: but I am not very techie
0:24Ali B: How do you get to be one? I'm aspring to be one
0:24Illya : @Nina You are well on your way
0:24Peggy George: I was in that session with Susan! Thanks for the reminder :-)
0:24Nina 1: @Illya, that is kind of you. I am being left behind with all the mobile devices now--I am the only person in my classes without a smart phone these days
0:25Peggy George: I guess I missed the description of digital storytelling...
0:25Illya : @Nina I find that even just knowing a little more than the others constitutes you as an expert
0:25Heike: which two chats is Jeff talking about?
0:25Illya : toothers at least
0:25Heike: Elluminate and here?
0:26Jeff Lebow: here and Elluminate
0:26Jeff Lebow: yep
0:26Heike: I missed lots too because I started watching the recorded video when I crashed
0:26Durff: and everyhere
0:27Nina 1: Sorry, I have the link but do not see a JOIN
0:27Heike: ah, would love to see Tee
0:27Mbarek Akaddar: Thanks Susan !
0:28Heike: Vance's cat is cute
0:28Peggy George: what a great idea for the scholarship!
0:28Tee.Auster: Heike.getting over bronchitis...all I am doing is coughing
0:29Heike: even from Europe?
0:29Peggy George: so sorry @Tee!
0:29Heike: would love to see you Tee!!!!
0:29Tee.Auster: thanks....
0:32Nina 1: Thanks, that one finally worked
0:32Durff: what is the EVO hashtag? Vance?
0:32Jeff Lebow: good question Durff
0:33Durff: poke Vance
0:33Jeff Lebow: #evo2013 is somewhat polluted
0:33Jeff Lebow: will ask him about it next
0:33Durff: pollution is good
0:33Durff: ok
0:33Tee.Auster: Tee.Auster invited you to an EtherPad document
0:33Nina 1: That depends!
0:33Tee.Auster: nooooooo
0:33Tee.Auster: what am I doing?
0:33Tee.Auster: ignore that
0:34Nina 1: My mic is muted
0:34Heike: great to hear Evelyn
0:35Peggy George: there is no group that is more welcoming and fun to learn with than Webheads and EVO! I'm so glad we can be part of this!
0:35Heike: #evo2013
0:35Bob: stepping away
0:35Heike: totally agree Peggy
0:35Nina 1: #2013evo
0:35Heike: oha
0:35Jeff Lebow: #2013evo
0:35Nina 1: NOT #evo2013
0:35Durff: ok thank you
0:37Tee.Auster: yeah Nina!
0:38Durff: 2006 was historic
0:39Peggy George: it's so hard to choose from so many great sessions but that is excellent advice!
0:39Tee.Auster: Itried two sessions last year....didn't work
0:39Durff: tough to say no, but I must
0:39Illya : IT's so hard to limit yourself
0:40Tee.Auster: Nice to see/meet you all
0:40Tee.Auster: taking off
0:40Jeff Lebow: bye Tee
0:40Peggy George: I am one of those people who came back to the resources and content many times after the session. I loved the Flickr/photo session with Carla and her team!
0:40Tee.Auster: thanks to the organizers for another great year!
0:41Evelyn (@eveweb): Nina, we are so proud to have you as our mentor.
0:41Nina 1: Eve, I am so proud to be there
0:41Evelyn (@eveweb): :)
0:41Ali B: The tasks are the hardest to follow. when you have to follow up the zillion of links
0:41Bob: back
0:42Evelyn (@eveweb): Ali, I recommend to bookmark them. You may use Diigo.
0:42Peggy George: great idea Jeff! create a separate email for messages from the course. I have separate folders set up with a Mail rule but I have to remember to keep checking it for new messages.
0:43Ali B: @evelyn: the point is to follow up on the bookmarks
0:43Durff: gmail filters for us into notifcations, social, something else -> I use that
0:44Peggy George: can you share Sandra's slideshare here? guess it was shared in the Hangout chat
0:44Illya : Hope to run into many of you during the sessions! see you then
0:44Illya : it's been a great kick-off
0:44Peggy George: everyone is so kind and willing to help so my advice is don't be afraid to ask questions :-)
0:45Illya : bfn
0:45Durff: a DIY MOOC
0:46Peggy George: this session is a perfect example and it's really helping me to feel confident about how to get started
0:46Nina 1: Good advice, Peggy
0:46Durff: peggy you are a star
0:46Peggy George: I'm just an eager learner who loves learning with other people
0:46Durff: you know a lot - can't hide it!
0:47Morteza Barin: so sorry i coudn't get anything
0:47Morteza Barin: sound is breaking
0:47Peggy George: no threat of grades in this course! we learn what we can
0:47Durff: the recording will be better
0:47Morteza Barin: i entered via google +
0:47Lucy: Thanks, Nina. See u soon.
0:47Morteza Barin: but not very clear to me
0:48Durff: not me
0:48Peggy George: I agree about the video tutorials! Extremely helpful for self-paced learning
0:48Peggy George: and you can view them several times if you need to :-)
0:49Peggy George: like that term Vance! Master Learners :-)
0:49Peggy George: great idea to have a combined calendar :-)
0:49Ali B: VeVery well said, Stevens: " When the learner is ready, the teacher appears!"
0:49Heike: great keyword - a combined calendar
0:49Heike: I would LOVE a combined calendar
0:49Nina 1: Vance is very quotable
0:50Peggy George: I agree @Ali!!!
0:50Durff: a place to subscribe to all the RSS in one place
0:50Ali B: Absolutely!
0:50Durff: I love lurking
0:51Peggy George: so do I @Durff :-)
0:51Durff: we should have a lurkers hangout
0:51Peggy George: Hangouts make it so easy to spontaneously gather for a conversation!
0:51Heike: great idea
0:52Durff: oh remember the box with the mic?
0:52Peggy George: I remember when Jeff did that! He stopped people in the hallway and interviewed them on screen for us :-)
0:52Durff: yes!
0:52Sharon Betts: Can not believe that EVO 2013 is already off and running.
0:53Peggy George: first steps? just pick the course we want to participate in, sign up and get started???
0:53Sharon Betts: It is very very smooth and clear - video and sound.
0:53Durff: Meow
0:53Ali B: Can not believe that you can still link to EVO 2001!
0:54Sharon Betts: Isn't that great Ali
0:54Peggy George: a live culminating event? :-)
0:54Durff: have you heard of the wayback machine?
0:54Laine Marshall: i forgot how to join the hangout
0:54Durff: just click on the link
0:55Peggy George: did everyone understand the word "kickoff"? I don't think of it as American centric.
0:55Bob: We kick off in English football too!
0:55Peggy George: great tip about finding Jeff in your circle if you don't know where to go
0:56Evelyn (@eveweb): I'm off. It was a pleasure to share this morning with all of you.
0:56Peggy George: It's a very comfortable, informal term and I feel like we are kicking off to a great EVO 2013! :-)
0:56Durff: ciao
0:56Sharon Betts: I do not have a working mic today - so, will just hang out here.
0:56Bob: Yes
0:57Peggy George: love lower third!!!! so helpful!
0:57Peggy George: when there are many people in the hangout it's hard to know who is speaking
0:57Sharon Betts: Laine has the same problem as me since retiring, I have forgotten so much.
0:57Peggy George: Good job Laine!
0:58Jeff Lebow: Lower Third helps, but they just changed it
0:58Peggy George: Hi Sharon :-)
0:58Evelyn (@eveweb): Bye everyone! Enjoy EVO2013!
0:58Peggy George: so true--use it or lose it :-)
0:58Sharon Betts: lost her video - Hi Peggy.
0:58Peggy George: that sounds like a bandwidth problem
0:58Durff: Down under is lower third?
0:58Jeff Lebow: yep
0:59Bob: Thank you everyone, have to go now, hopefully catch up with some of you on the courses
0:59Nina 1: Bye Bob nice to connect here
0:59Peggy George: bye Bob-great to see you
0:59Sharon Betts: Very true - it is so easy to become overwhelmed.
0:59Ali B: " Stevens: aren't we all aliens?
1:00Sharon Betts: Nice to see you all - I will be in BAW again - but gonna need to go have lunch with my husband.
1:00Nina 1: Bye Sharon
1:00Peggy George: Bye Sharon! So great to see you!
1:01Peggy George: that was very helpful advice--be patient with yourself :-)
1:02Peggy George: hello to Elizabeth :-)
1:02Peggy George: I'm not in Elluminate either
1:02Peggy George: how exciting! wireless headset!
1:02Peggy George: I think I'll put that on my wish list!
1:02Durff: nice dock
1:03Durff: I have wireless
1:03Durff: but I have to plug in to USB
1:03Peggy George: does yours have a mic Durff?
1:03Durff: oh Peggy you want one!
1:03Durff: yes
1:03Peggy George: I think so!!!
1:03Durff: wireless headset
1:03Durff: so convenient
1:03Durff: lasts for about 8 hours
1:04Durff: I charge overnight
1:04Peggy George: I definitely want one!!! :-) Think I'll use my Amazon gift certificate for that!
1:05Durff: JL = ubiquitous
1:05Durff: I think I got mine on Tiger direct
1:05Peggy George: hi Elizabeth :-) Thanks for streaming the Elluminate screen Jeff :-)
1:05Durff: I'll look it up and send you the link
1:05Peggy George: that would be wonderful!!! Thank you!
1:06Durff: yes she speaks wisely - more coffee here
1:06Ali B: Clap. Clap. Clap! Virtual Standing ovation. Thanks everyone for this kick-off session!
1:06Peggy George: funny Vance! time goes fast unless you're a moderator :-)
1:06Durff: no clap button here
1:06Peggy George: excellent kickoff! Thank you!
1:06Peggy George: see you all online!!!
1:07Nina 1: bye bye!
1:07Durff: I need to play wwith google hangout
1:07Durff: bye all
1:07Lucy: Thank you all. See you soon.
1:07Peggy George: ready to start my day :-) 9:00am in Phoenix AZ
1:08Jeff Lebow: Thanks all
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