Using Technology to expand KOTESOL's Reach


Possibilities for Using Technology to expand KOTESOL's Reach

Discussion Notes
April 29, 2012

Recorded meetings/presentations  
Equipment, Challenges, Issues:  
Tripod, Camcorder (with zoom), audio will generally be better with an external mic
(not easy to find camcorders with ext. mic jack).

Remote meeting participation


  • Site to site
  • Primary f2f site with multiple remote participants
  • All virtual participation

Equipment:  Decent internet connection,  webcams, and headset mic's
(Free) Google+ Hangout, Skype
(not free) Blackboard Collaborate, Adobe Connect,  GoToMeeting , WizIQ*,

Issues: f2f site participation echo/audio set up

Webcasts/Podcasts- Organizational Updates, Topic Discussions. Teacher Q & A
Options: Conversations vs. Presentations, Live vs. Recorded, Video vs. Audio only
Trial run today?

Online conferences
Examples:  Google+ Educaion On Air (May 2),  Social Learning Summit,  Virtual Round Table, The Reform Symposium
Platform Options: (same as above)

Other Possibilities ?????

  • Guides
  • kotesol