COOLCast - October 19, 2011

October 19, 2011

Participants: Lisa M Lanecarol yeagerKate RobbinsVance StevensJim StaufferDr. Nellie Deutsch
Topics:  Change11 Twitter Pollution, Cool OERU happenings, Pedagogy First Update, the middle ground between forums and blog comments, and Jeff's webcast rust

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carolyeager: hi, Jeff
Kate: hi  is the current coolcast?
Kate: are we going goolge hang out?
Kate: hi
Kate: yes
Durff: 30 secoond delay
wayupnorth: Jim
wayupnorth: HI everyone
wayupnorth: where is the hangout link?
Durff: here I believe

Durff: has jeff heard of inbox zero?
carolyeager: Hi Jim
pgeorge: Hi everyone
pgeorge: just came from Jeff Utecht
Kate: OK I think I made it in chat on live but live on hangout
pgeorge: very soft Vance
pgeorge: please chat here so we don't miss anything
Vance: hi, I'm here
Durff: yes ma'am!
Kate: looks like it was fantastic
pgeorge: couldn't find CoolCast last week--did it happen?
Vance: no Jeff spaced on the coolcast :-) took a break
pgeorge: :-0 no problem!! thought it was just me
Kate: how many participants now?
Durff: he floated into the ether matter of space?
Durff: 7 viewers here
Durff: brrrrrrrrrrr
pgeorge: still 99 degrees here in Phoenix!
pgeorge: sounds like a great session! I will listen to the recording
Vance: me too, right now I'm totally out of change MOOC, just got a new job, bad timing
Lisa M Lane: what new job, Vance?
Kate: I love twitter for news
Vance: but it's on a few more months, can get back to it
pgeorge: tell us about your new job Vance
wayupnorth: change & cmc live sessions are just when I start my morning class
Vance: I'm a coordinator of teachers at a Naval College under contract from Higher Colleges of Technology here in Abu Dhabi
Durff: anyone use tumblr?
pgeorge: that sounds great Vance
Vance: I use Tumblr
Lisa M Lane: you're coming in here fine, Jeff
Vance: he wants the video to show
Durff: follow the Flatclassroom Coordinator, Vance
Lisa M Lane: stream is good,  cameras and sound good
Durff: that be me
Jeff: and we're back
Vance: :-)
pgeorge: you're back and no 30 sec ad
Durff: answering emails with half an ear here
Vance: no, no web cam on my office computer
pgeorge: audio much better now
wayupnorth: #openchange11
pgeorge: glad to hear about that Nellie
Kate: That reminds me of an announcement I can make in a second
Kate: @Vance might like this one
pgeorge: nothing coming up on that hashtag right now
Vance: tumblr can't find flatclassroomcoordinator
Durff: figures
Durff: maybe I am a figment of my imagination
Vance: what's you tumblr blog url?
Durff: I was inaccurate. Try ->
Vance: ahh fcp coord etc "-)
Durff: followed you bac k vance
Durff: oh no!
Durff: I am sorry
Durff: here we put animals down
pgeorge: thanks for the links
pgeorge: great % of active participation Lisa!
Kate: That seems fairly strong
pgeorge: your hard work is paying off--the alternatives seem really important
Kate: what about Voice Thread
Kate: oh well, that took care firewall
pgeorge: good idea Kate
wayupnorth: symbaloo is great
pgeorge: yes! that video was great
Durff: 2nd life?
Durff: cool!
Durff: have a slurl?
Kate: SL = a lot of work, heavy hardware, difficult for big groups
Durff: yes
Durff: I hear opensim is easier
pgeorge: and huge bandwidth requirements
wayupnorth: collaborate/elluminate seems like the most user friendly for involving meduim size groups
Kate: not as many resources and not as stable but cheaper
Durff: elluminate is now Blackboard Collaborate
Durff: JL is an exp[ert
Durff: recording SL
pgeorge: me too Lisa!!
Durff: ah!
Durff: hidden talents of peggy
Durff: Vance and vice versa
Lisa M Lane: lemme find the SLURL
Vance: to answer the previous question yes I'm back
Durff: this is
Lisa M Lane: all our synchronous sessions and links are here
Durff: same thing
pgeorge: ustream is really easy to use
pgeorge: more of a learning curve with Livestream I think
wayupnorth: I made a livestream account - I don't see the commercials
carolyeager: way uo north ... is your mic open?
Durff: not hard for you
pgeorge: well stated Jeff
wayupnorth: I'm muted
wayupnorth: phone keeps ringing
pgeorge: coming through fine Vance
Kate: what are you teaching? ESL?
Kate: teacher coordinator sorry
Kate: US Navy?
Durff: as opposed to fake attitudes
Lisa M Lane: virtual people!
pgeorge: sounds like a perfect job for you Vance. you'll be able to make a big difference
Durff: Vance is a virtual people
Kate: @pgeorge, you're right
Kate: great time to make change
Kate: a lot of head banging
wayupnorth: I've promised to mentor a fellow student who doesn't have a computer at home
Kate: but rewarding
Durff: as opposed to dead technology
wayupnorth: only at work where she helps on
wayupnorth: on-lne learners
pgeorge: @wayupnorth-how will you do that?
wayupnorth: by phone at first
pgeorge: aha
carolyeager: it is difficult to have folks try new things
Kate: who are these teachers?
wayupnorth: I'll try to talk her into blackboard collaborate
carolyeager: and i think the online community is much better with experimenting
carolyeager: amd accepting the not perfect results
carolyeager: and my aopolgies for not shutting off my mic
Kate: re: motivating them
Kate: connect them to a skype wtih other teachers
Kate: or join us sometime
Kate: to hear what others are doing
carolyeager: its tat slow brain/technology faculty
pgeorge: great learning experience Lisa!!
carolyeager: sounds wonderful Lisa
carolyeager: and I wish I had known about it from the beginning
Kate: who cares:) there were many classes that I didn't think it mattered until after the fact
Vance: sorry about the typing, I was just about to mute
Vance: also there are students outside in the hallway
pgeorge: that's sad!
Lisa M Lane: it can be good if it's about integration instead of going backward
wayupnorth: can you send us the slurl
Durff: yeah, I have to go too. Nice seeing you all! (Presenting inworld is not all that difficult)
pgeorge: Scott Merrick streams a monthly SL meeting on Blackboard and I really appreciate that
Lisa M Lane: @pgeorge url?
Vance: I got page not found at that link
Vance: got it this time
Kate: Trudy Takacs
wayupnorth: people are real - environment virtual
carolyeager: and I am couki clary i SL
pgeorge: can't find link right now but look for sigve in ISTE--always posted there
pgeorge: bye all
Vance: cya
carolyeager: Bye and thanls to all







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