TTP 3+3 2013 Time Capsule

Sage, Krystal, Kelly, Minji

Nora, Taylor, Michelle, Haram

Young, Bruce, Michelle, Blair

Class 1 Time Capsule Audio - 2013

Angel, James, Julie, & Mogli

Eli, Jinny, Justine, & Sandra

A fun day at the beach - Black Eagles & Sand Fest

 I'm not especially a fan of glorifying military toys to the masses, but watching the Korean Black Eagles zip around Haeundae Beach was pretty impressive.  The Sand Festival and crowds at Korea's busiest beach were a whole other kind of amazing. 

Use of Technology in SLA Handout


Use of Technology in SLA  (May 18, 2013)

The USS Nimitz in our front yard and more Views from My Window

Our 41st floor apartment overlooks the Korean Navy's Busan Fleet Headquarters.  As such, we get some great views of all sorts of ships, including U.S. aircraft carriers when they visit.  While I'm no fan of  bloated military spending, these are impressive machines. 

News Story: http://asitimes.blogspot.kr/2013/05/photos-uss-nimitz-arrives-in-busan-to.html

USS Nimitiz Info: http://www.nimitz.navy.mil/    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Nimitz_(CVN-68)


More Views from My Window

Stream of Consciousness


Stream of Consciousness


A Basic Guide to Using Google+ Hangouts


In order to use Google+ Hangout, you will first need to install the Google Talk plugin.  This can be downloaded and installed at: http://google.com/talk/

You will also need to have a Gmail address and join Google+.

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