Valerie Irvine and Jillianne Code Discussion/Experimentation Session for Change11

Valerie Irvine and Jillianne Code Discussion/Experimentation Session for Change11
January 13, 2011

Following their presentation a few days earlier, Val & Jill take us on a tour of  Blue Jeans and Accordent, a couple of video conferencing systems they are experimenting with at the University of Victoria


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Change MOOC - Week#16 Overview:





Jeff 9:26
Your Korea fanbase is very happy
suifaijohnmak 9:27
Hi everyone, it's 11:26 here in Sydney, good night for you in Canada, & good morning here 
Jeff 9:27
Coffee time Change
suifaijohnmak 9:27
Anne-Marie 9:27
Perfect time 
- ljp joined the Main Room. (  9:27 ) -
suifaijohnmak 9:28
Hi Valerie, Good to meet you here on air
dave cormier 9:28
Anne-Marie 9:28
Valerie Irvine 9:28
George Siemens 9:28
I like Spandex and LuluLemon better 9:28
suifaijohnmak 9:28
Hi George and Dave, Glad to be able to attend the session, what time is it at your end?
- vhaustudent joined the Main Room. (  9:29 ) -
dave cormier 9:29
@george lol
Hi John 9:29
it's 8:29 here 9:29
pm 9:29
George Siemens 9:29
Hi John - its =7:30 pm
dave cormier 9:29
not yet
here 9:29
George Siemens 9:29
we can
George Siemens 9:29
if you're ready to go
dave cormier 9:29
we are not worried.
ljp 9:30
do we need skype for the session
George Siemens 9:30
Dave - you are such an accommodating person
dave cormier 9:30
dave cormier 9:31
suifaijohnmak 9:31
Hi George & Dave, happy new year
Jeff 9:31
I see them on Blue Jeans 9:31
George Siemens 9:32
Hi Dave -
George Siemens 9:32
I have a crappy connection (again)
it was good before...suddenly plummeted 9:32
carol yeager 9:33
Sheena 9:33
Seán Conlan 9:33
Hello from Ireland
George Siemens 9:33
Jill and Valerie are evil 9:33
you must repent immediately or you will be sent straight to hell 9:33
dave cormier 9:33
george biebens
Stephen Downes #2 9:33
Hm... Collaborate is taking over my audio, not letting me play muisic or record
carol yeager 9:35
Plunk the magic twanger, frogggggie!
Stephen Downes #2 9:36
I want to know what it is
dave cormier 9:38
questions for our guests?
turns out Valerie chased a robber across campus 10 minutes before our session. 9:39
carol yeager 9:40
I have found online learning and teaching more intensive, although, in spurts
Sheena 9:40
As a Uvic Ed. Alumni, humanities teacher in BC & MA in Learning & Technology student, I am curious to know how much influence the TIE Lab is having on UVic’s faculty of Education and the institution overall?

Sheena 9:40
dave cormier 9:40
heyo dr. jen.
George Siemens 9:41
where's the image with you and lady gaga?
JenM 9:41
@dc ... goofy
dave cormier 9:41
@valerie can i ask an annoying question?
Jillianne Code 9:41
JenM 9:42
@dc ... is there any other kind you ask?
Sheena 9:42
thank you
vhaustudent 9:43
@carol- Yes... I have too! Maybe it's because there are more "distractions" (Oh, that sounds interesting.. let me research it/ oh, what's that? Let me look it up/ etc). Personally I find the spurts come from exhaustion which derives from the intensity to which I engage online versus face-to-face
- Stephen Downes #2 left the Main Room. (  9:43 ) -
JenM 9:44
that wasn't at all annoying ...
suifaijohnmak 9:44
Are the technologies (softwares) all used in closed environment? Are they also open to the students (only)?
dave cormier 9:46
that's what i mean 
carol yeager 9:46
@vhaustudent ... agreed, and I still enjoy f2f, blended and online ... and the participants are what make it fun!
- Stephen Downes #3 joined the Main Room. (  9:46 ) -
dave cormier 9:46
you sound great 9:46
dave cormier 9:47
any other questions?
Jeff 9:48
Just wondering why we're not getting any video as we use this pricey non-open video conferencing tools? :)
dave cormier 9:48
Valerie Irvine 9:49
suifaijohnmak 9:49
How long will it take for staff/students to master the technology?
Jeff 9:49
just cick high quality
JenM 9:50
I see them ... 
carol yeager 9:50
very cool
Jillianne Code 9:51
@Suifiajohnmak The ease of use is critical. So the amount of time for training is very important in evaluating the technology.
Jeff 9:51
40 seconds the last time Dave streaming - about 10 second delay with Icecast, 5 seconds with Livestream or Wowza
- Stephen Downes #4 joined the Main Room. (  9:51 ) -
George Siemens 9:51
@downes - looks like you're having the same connectivity issues I am today...
Stephen Downes #4 9:53
audio issues
Jeff 9:53
Your frozen in the other tool
back on air 9:53
- George Siemens left the Main Room. (  9:53 ) -
carol yeager 9:53
and now the recording has stopped from TIE
Stephen Downes #4 9:53
I used to be able to record Elluminate, & broadcast it over Ed Radio
Now it cuts out 9:54
Jeff 9:54
Can we have a run down of functionality and prices for this tool
carol yeager 9:54
OK, back again
Jeff 9:54
I see there's a slide show
dave cormier 9:54
@stephen... that's really annoying
more links! 9:54
Jeff 9:54
can participants chat or grab the audio/video?
Valerie Irvine 9:54
yes 9:55
dave cormier 9:55
JenM 9:56
this is EdTechTalk circa 2005 ... "can you hear me now?"
Jeff 9:56
Do you have to pay extra for these Elluminate 'managed services'? 
Valerie Irvine 9:56
I'll answer the cost issue next
Stephen Downes #4 9:56
Valerie Irvine 9:57
Stephen Downes #4 9:57
I am wondering whether Blackboard didn't deliberately do this 9:57
dave cormier 9:58
@stephen say it isn't so
suifaijohnmak 9:59
As I clicked the link later than was expected, I have got a lag in the video & audio and so both audios coming out - one from Bluejean another from Elluminate. How to fix it?
Jeff 10:00
you can mute the audio via Blue Jeans and Accordent
No delay via blue jeans, but rest of Elluminate folks aren't there 10:00
yes, logged in 10:00
as many as possible, until we break the internet! 10:01
dave cormier 10:01
jeff... you wanna come in and comment on this? 10:01
Jeff 10:01
dave cormier 10:02
you've probably webcasted more than anyone 
ever. 10:02
suifaijohnmak 10:02
But I want to watch the Blue Jean & listen, and chat here in Elluminate stream
Jeff 10:02
I'm OK making snarky comments here
dave cormier 10:03
@jeff yes. i see.
@drjenm what about you? 10:03
Jeff 10:03
should be doable john - no video via blue jeans yet though
current video via accordent - just need to mute audio at the bottom of that window 10:03
dave cormier 10:04
see me. i am rolling my eyes 10:04
JenM 10:04
(i see you)
- Mary left the Main Room. (  10:04 ) -
suifaijohnmak 10:04
@Jeff @Dave
Thanks Jeff & Dave 10:04
dave cormier 10:05
red is bad
ljp 10:05
I haven't really got anything to work, blue jeans, skype
Sheena 10:06
are online offerings being promoted anymore than traditional f2f courses?
Stephen Downes #4 10:06
We must all make sacrifices...
in oder to ensure bank CEO bonuses continue uniterrupted 10:06
Sheena 10:07
generally at UVic
suifaijohnmak 10:07
Is this different to "connected classroom" in terms of technology?
ljp 10:09
I've got the participant screen but skype doesn't connect and I don't have a room id and I don't know which I should be trying to use. I don't have a webcam. I do have audio -- real time and lagged -- I think through Elluminate
Jeff 10:10
Can we see video via Blue Jeans - saw it briefly before and it looked sharper than Accordent (and more in sync with audio)
connected, but video not currently activated 10:10
- Joe Dillon left the Main Room. (  10:12 ) -
Jeff 10:12
yep, got all three
Jillianne Code 10:12
Here's the link again:
ljp 10:12
I can see the Change 11 Discussion connected with the link given. Is that blue jeans?
Jeff 10:12
computer is fine, brain is a bit scrambled 
mine 10:12
Stephen Downes #4 10:13
I trued to call, Skype decided to reinstall - it has been that kind of day
Valerie Irvine 10:13
ljp 10:14
The new link worked.
Sheena 10:14
- vhaustudent left the Main Room. (  10:15 ) -
ljp 10:15
Stephen the image with the ladies is a lot better

Sheena 10:16
good times attempting to try everything 
Jeff 10:18
screengrab comparison of accordent and blue jeans:
carol yeager 10:19
nice, jeff, thx
Jeff 10:20
not attacking... comparing, contemplating (especially the insane prices 
seems more cost-effective for an online university to hire a 'Tim Owens' and use lower cost tech alternatives 10:21
Jillianne Code 10:21
The difference w our system is that we can sync video w content, live stream, and record all at the same time
ljp 10:22
I found the blue jeans video -- it's a skype conversation 
Jillianne Code 10:22
@ljp great! We are connected to the conversation via our VC unit... everyone else is skype... pretty cool!
Jeff 10:25
Dave's about to get his PhD in MOOCology
carol yeager 10:25
vhaustudent #2 10:25
dave cormier 10:26
wow... i've been accused of that affliction
Valerie Irvine 10:26
she is too passive...
eek! 10:26
you never said that 10:26
Anne-Marie 10:26
Valerie Irvine 10:26
that's BS by the way....
Jeff 10:26
So, when is the weekly Jill & Val show going to start?
Valerie Irvine 10:26
next week?
Jeff 10:26
Major new media team talent!
Valerie Irvine 10:26
you bet! join in?
JenM 10:27
you can't do a PhD at a distance ... will never work
Valerie Irvine 10:27
depends on the supervisor and the student....
JenM 10:27
would NEVER work ...
Jeff 10:27
Yeah, will lobby for streaming it via Hangout
Valerie Irvine 10:27
I did my 2nd half at a distance
dave cormier 10:27
Now Jen
Jeff 10:27
Hey, that's Dr. Jen
dave cormier 10:27
i know. Dr. Jen who got her Phd at a distance
Jeff 10:28
or Dr. Jen* (*online Dr.)
that's when teamwork comes in - one person yammering, the other paying attention to chat and taking turns 10:28
JenM 10:29
* me and Barry Bonds
Sheena 10:30
a backchannel management technologist 
Valerie Irvine 10:30
that's awesome!
Anne-Marie 10:30
crowd control
JenM 10:31
... hard to collaborate alone
carol yeager 10:31
I can attest to that!
Jeff 10:31
The 21st century TA - chat monitor
vhaustudent #2 10:31
is it any worse than seeing one or two dozen hands go up at the same time in a f2f classroom?
Jillianne Code 10:32
@vhaustudent - good point!
everyone shouting at once - challenge to handle... 10:32
carol yeager 10:33
@vhaustudent ... depends on how good one's eyesight might be
ljp 10:33
I'm happy with elluminate. I'm not sure what the others do for me.
Jeff 10:33
Seems like Blue Jeans had better options for student audio/video partiicpation.
Valerie Irvine 10:33
Thank YOU!
Jillianne Code 10:33
Thank you!
Jillianne Code 10:34
carol yeager 10:34
Many thanks to all ... great to see the technology in action and misaction!
Stephen Downes #5 10:34
Sheena 10:34
thank you for such an interactive session!
vhaustudent #2 10:34


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