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More WB Development Thoughts..


 If you have  a question you'd like to ask about Worldbridges, please post it here and we'll do our best to addresss it during an upcoming Worldbridges General Assembly.


Town Hall / General Assembly Agenda

What is Worldbridges?
What is a Worldbridges Town Hall?
Those managing  a Worldbridges community discuss aspects of development and address questions from members
What does it mean to be a 'member' of Worldbridges?  (costs, benifits)

What is the budget of Worldbridges?
Who owns Worldbridges?
Starting rate - 100pts = $1
Worldbridges Points (Currency)
a blog on costs 20pts/year
Media Storage Space costs... 2pts/MB
Server Coop Member Acct 20GB/1 stream/ shared 20MBS connection

Trademark Copyright Policies

To what extent to we own the Worldbridges Brand, how can it fairly be used by others

The Journey Begins... again

So, I've 'started' my personal blog a few times already and never really got it going. Now, armed with a fresh Drupal 5.0 beta and a Flock .7 I begin again.

I'm thinking that I should at least start by using this as a 'public personal archive' of the content I'm involved with producing and a To Do list/calendar of what's ahead.

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