JeffThis is the personal site of Jeff Lebow. I am not a very active 'blogger', but do spend a lot of time online building Worldbridges communities, teaching at BUFS, and LearningCall.  Currently, my 'bridge building' is focused on keeping Koreabridge chugging along and bringing Englishbridges back to life, but I also spend time webcasting at EdTechTalk, talking about webcasting at the Academy, MOOC'ing, and lately hanging out a lot with Google+.  Most of my content will posted elsewhere in the Worldbridgosphere, but I will sometimes post significant webcasts and project updates here. 


MOOCast#1 - July 6, 2011

MOOCast#1 July 6, 2011
An open-ended discussion revolving around EduMOOC 2011
ParticipantsJeff Lebow (Korea), Vance Stevens (UAE),  John Graves (New Zealand), Rob Darrow (U.S), Dave Cormier (Canada), & Osvaldo Rodriguez (Argentina)

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ELT Chat - June 8

ELT Chat Experimental Webcast
June 8, 2011
How to PRESENT new grammar points: different techniques, student engagement, the key elements of effective grammar presentation.   Chat Transcript

Audio Recording

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EdTechWeekly#197 / EdTechTalk #85 - ETT's 6th Anniversary

June 5, 2011
6 Year Anniversary Celebration of EdTechTalk#1
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Ustream Recording

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Busan KOTESOL Conference 2011 - Presentations & Discussions

Videos of Presentations & Discussions
Busan Summer KOTESOL Conference

Kotesol 2011 Interviews

A Discussion with Jason Renshaw
Topics: His imminent step back from ELT, online teaching strategies, reflections on being back in Korea, & what lies ahead...

Links from the Jasonsphere


Alan Schwartz of English @
KOTESOL's 2011 National Conference
KAIST University
Daejeon, Korea
May 14, 2011

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EVO 2011 Closing Webcast

EVO 2011 Closing Webcast
February 13, 2011

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EVO 2011 Main Wiki
EVO Sessions and Sites Used

Let's Talk Busan#103 - Korean News Media

Let's Talk Busan #103
February 7, 2010

Busan Profile: Busan Ilbo reporter and new producer of Let's Talk Busan, Lee Byung Chul
Panel Topic: New Media in Korea and Busan
Panelists: Peter DeMarco, Bobby McGill, Oh Jae Hee

Let's Talk Busan #100 - Racism in Korea

Let's Talk Busan#100
January 17, 2010

Racism in Korea, Global Leadership & Congrats on #100

Guests: Grace Ga, Rodney Hollingsworth,  Benson Kamari, Ife Afolayan , Lee Suk Jun
Host: Jeff Lebow

Let's Talk Busan#99 - The Travel Episode

Let's Talk Busan#99
Travel- International, Domestic, & Local
Peter Demarco -  Flickr Photos
June Jeong  - Pukyoung  National University Foreign Language School
Annabelle Murphy - As Marilyn
Jen Sotham -  Jen Performances

Host: Jeff Lebow

Let's Talk Busan 99 Guests


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