Learning2gether EVO2012 PechaFickr

Learning2gether EVO2012 PechaFickr
Hosted by Scottlo
January 15, 2012
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Participants/Brave Souls:
Vance Stevens, Benjamin Stewart, Ayat tawel,
Marijana Smolcec, Lawan Dalha, & Jeff Lebow


 13:45 Peggy: Good morning and greetings from Phoenix AZ
 13:46 Peggy: Hi Jeff :-)
 13:46 Peggy: hearing both of you great
 13:47 Vance: Hi Peggy
 13:47 Peggy: Hi Vance!
 13:47 Peggy21: Hi all
 13:47 jeff: Hi Peggy
 13:47 Peggy: Hi Marijana
 13:48 Peggy: This PechaFlickr is a first for me! Very excited to learn about it
 13:48 Peggy: I learned about this from Vance and Multiliteracies :-)
 13:49 Peggy: 7:00am
 13:49 Peggy: and just waking up--had to set my alarm :-)
 13:49 Peggy: woo hoo Vance!!
 13:49 Peggy: yes no daylight savings time
 13:49 Peggy: so we're Mountain Standard Time now
 13:49 Peggy: but sometimes we're Pacific Time
 13:50 guest-614: yesssssssss
 13:50 Peggy: how exciting Jeff!!! you better NOT be online next Sun!
 13:50 guest-614: ohohohoh !!!
 13:50 jeff: Hangout at: http://bit.ly/yWCyuo
 13:51 guest-614: Thought it means she will join us too !! LOL !!!
 13:51 Peggy: I'm just going to watch here in Webheads Studio this morning
 13:51 Peggy: yeah, right Ayat??!! :-)
 13:52 Peggy: Jeff taking advantage of any moment of opportunity :-)
 13:52 Peggy: where in the US Jeff?
 13:52 Peggy: audio is coming through great for everyone
 13:52 Peggy: I'm here to learn and listen :-)
 13:53 Peggy: I can't even pronounce PechaFlickr...
 13:53 Peggy: video is great for me
 13:53 Vance: we're here to learn from you :-)
 13:53 Peggy21: Ayat, can you join Google+ hangout?
 13:54 Peggy: all these big words!!! sounds like a foreign language
 13:54 Peggy: it keeps trying to focus
 13:54 Peggy: http://cogdogblog.com/2011/12/18/hanging-out-pechaflickr/
 13:55 Peggy: that link really helped me Jeff! Thanks for sharing it
 13:55 guest-614: I'm joining Google hangout
 13:55 Peggy: I've heard of PechaKucha but PechaFlickr is totally new
 13:55 Peggy21: super, me too
 13:56 Peggy: this is really exciting!! breaking new ground with the Webheads!
 13:57 Peggy21: LOL guys, you look great in SL! :)
 13:57 Peggy: what fun!! modeling would be very helpful
 13:58 Peggy: a chain story sounds excellent!
 13:58 guest-616: I'm joining Google hangout.
 13:58 Peggy: Hi Faith
 13:58 guest-616: Hi
 13:59 Peggy: we need to see some females on the Hangout screen :-)
 13:59 guest-616: Hi Peggy.
 13:59 guest-614: I'm in Google hangout, but again sound is braking there !!
 13:59 jeff: Hangout at: http://bit.ly/yWCyuo Feel free to join in and take the PechaFlickr challenge
 13:59 Peggy21: What is your Twitter handle Scott?
 13:59 guest-614: I'm kicked out every now and then !!
 13:59 jeff: http://twitter.com/scottlo
 14:00 jeff: http://pechaflickr.cogdogblog.com/
 14:00 Peggy21: thx Jeff
 14:00 guest-591: Hi everyone, this is Hora from Iran
 14:00 Peggy: ready, set, go! :-)
 14:01 Peggy: Hi Hora-welcome!
 14:01 Peggy: so glad you know how to do this fancy streaming from hangout Jeff!
 14:01 Peggy: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com
 14:01 guest-591: tnx, peggy
 14:02 Peggy: by code do you mean tag?
 14:02 Vance: hi marijana in the hangout
 14:02 Peggy: Alan is also from AZ :-)
 14:03 Peggy: he's always on the cutting edge!
 14:04 Peggy: I've been a viewer of pechakucha but never presented--they use that model for Ignite Phoenix
 14:04 Peggy: hooray!! a beautiful lady! :-)
 14:05 Peggy: is it 20 slides, 5 minutes or does that vary?
 14:05 Peggy: yeah! there she is!
 14:05 jeff: 20 slides, 20 secs each
 14:06 Peggy: aha-thanks Jeff
 14:06 Vance: brevity is the soul of all wit
 14:06 Peggy: hahahaha
 14:06 Peggy: this sounds really tricky to manage...
 14:07 Peggy: mountains
 14:07 Peggy: seeing it now
 14:08 Peggy: hilarious!
 14:09 Peggy: this is even funnier with the video lag
 14:09 Peggy: hahahaha
 14:09 Peggy: terrific job!!!
 14:10 Peggy: very cool!!
 14:10 Peggy: they weren't random at all--pretty clear sequence :-)
 14:10 Peggy: incredible challenge!
 14:11 Peggy: can't apologize in the middle--just keep going. Great tip
 14:11 Peggy: love that--a guiding prompt really helps to get you started
 14:12 Peggy: http://pechaflickrleague.wikispaces.com/
 14:13 Peggy: I think it would be a great activity for language learners!!
 14:13 Peggy: ds106 radio stream too!! wow!
 14:13 Peggy: go Vance!
 14:13 lughdanann: space
 14:14 Peggy: 7 slides, 15 seconds per slide
 14:14 Peggy: cute!
 14:14 Peggy: hard to read it but see the cow
 14:15 Peggy: slide took too long... tee hee
 14:15 Peggy: funny!
 14:15 Peggy: what an imagination Vance!
 14:15 Peggy: what does this have to do with cows?
 14:16 Peggy: clap clap clap Vance!
 14:16 Peggy: was there a prompt?
 14:16 Peggy: I'm not in the hangout
 14:16 Peggy: mechanic key word--right up Vance's alley :-)
 14:17 Peggy: is the idea to think "story"?
 14:17 Peggy: all right Mari jana
 14:17 Peggy: you're very brave Marijana! you'll do fine!
 14:18 Peggy: oh oh
 14:18 Peggy: hahahaha
 14:18 Peggy: this is great fun!
 14:19 Peggy: tee hee--red light, green light
 14:19 Peggy: well done!!! that was really fun!
 14:20 Peggy: nice addition to ask everyone to guess the tag
 14:20 jeff: http://pechaflickrleague.wikispaces.com/
 14:21 Peggy: I agree that a prompt would probably make it more like a story but Marijana told a fun story!
 14:22 Peggy: reincarnation theme...
 14:22 Peggy: Jeff you are amazingly creative!
 14:23 Peggy: hahahahaha
 14:23 Peggy21: Thx Peggy,, love Jeff's improvisation
 14:23 Peggy: wjat
 14:23 Peggy: what's under those covers??? :-)
 14:24 Peggy: too funny!!! awesome job Jeff!
 14:24 Peggy: that was a fun prompt
 14:24 Peggy21: Bravo Jeff
 14:24 Peggy: key word was theater--that went well with reincarnation...
 14:25 Peggy21: go, go Benjamin!
 14:25 Peggy: what's the theme?
 14:25 jeff: stack of postcards
 14:26 Peggy: a wringer here! mixed slides make it interesting-from the waterfall to the power buttons to the bridge :-) fun
 14:26 Peggy: good guess Jeff
 14:26 guest-12: anybody want to suggest a prompt or tag word
 14:26 Peggy: terrific!!! very good job!
 14:27 Peggy: those were great pictures and gave plenty to work with in the story
 14:27 Peggy: what was the tag for the last one?
 14:28 Peggy: much better audio
 14:28 Peggy: convention/conference that went very wrong :-)
 14:28 Peggy: is he sharing the tag word with the presenter?
 14:29 Peggy: hahaha Steven Downes is everywhere :-)
 14:29 Peggy: I love the round robin story
 14:29 Peggy: it's having to go too fast with the stream
 14:29 Peggy: that was great Marijana!!!
 14:30 Peggy21: thx Peggy :)
 14:30 Peggy: love that image--while you sweat people are tweeting about you :-)
 14:31 Peggy: I'd like to go to that conference!
 14:31 Peggy: looks like a food conference
 14:31 Peggy21: come to Google+ Peggy, you have to try this Pecha Flicker
 14:32 Peggy: lost her audio--so sorry
 14:32 Peggy: she was doing great!!!!
 14:32 Peggy: food
 14:32 Peggy: sandwich
 14:32 Peggy: those were great images!
 14:32 Peggy: waiting in line for food is always an issue at any conference!
 14:33 Peggy: bouncing screen
 14:33 Peggy: yes
 14:33 Peggy: it's throbbing in the stream too... :-)
 14:33 lughdanann: I think it's fun to guess the tag, too. Student groups could have contests to guess
 14:33 Peggy: this is really fun!! and lots of potential for language learners
 14:33 Peggy: yes!! loving this!
 14:34 lughdanann: you could also give 5 vocab words to integrate
 14:34 Peggy: if you're not recording them they would be more brave
 14:34 lughdanann: do it with a partenr
 14:34 Peggy: you could start with just naming things they see and add the story element later
 14:34 lughdanann: they can bail each other out
 14:34 Peggy: great idea!
 14:34 Vance: yep
 14:35 Peggy: anyone can respond and not just one person--like that
 14:35 Peggy: can you do it on the spot or do you have to have photos and tags pre-selected and prepared?
 14:36 Peggy: love that idea! repeat the same series of slides for different people
 14:36 lughdanann: do same pictures come up each time w/ same tag? If so, send half class outside then return and compare smae tag talk w two groups
 14:36 lughdanann: I like that--practice transitions
 14:36 Peggy: with the tag you probably come up with different photos every time
 14:36 Peggy: I do too Lughdanann!
 14:37 lughdanann: i see
 14:37 Peggy: 12 slides and 20 secs for the round robin?
 14:37 lughdanann: fun, fun, fun:)
 14:37 Peggy: theme: first job
 14:37 lughdanann: even the tag wrds are a way of learning new vocab
 14:38 Peggy: hahaha
 14:38 lughdanann: they could blog about the tag b4 of after stream of consciouness\
 14:38 guest-623: Hi
 14:38 Peggy: awesome!!!
 14:38 Peggy: Hi Beyza
 14:38 Peggy: can he see the photo?
 14:39 Peggy: screen is bouncing again Jeff
 14:39 guest-623: Hi Peggy
 14:39 lughdanann: if tag changes, everyone could do same tag and see what comes up. Give long list of vocab to integrate in teams and cross out words as they are used up. Winner uses all words?
 14:39 guest-623: yes the screen is bouncing
 14:39 jeff: apologies for the throbbing screen
 14:39 jeff: will re-enter after this round
 14:39 Peggy: They're doing a shared story, round robin style PechaFlickr
 14:39 lughdanann: so many possibilites. Thanks for introducing us to this.
 14:39 Peggy: tee hee Vance
 14:40 Peggy: the picture always sticks when it's Vance's turn
 14:40 Peggy: this is really funnnnn
 14:40 Peggy: it's throbbing because of all of the giggling
 14:40 guest-623: yes
 14:41 Vance: Beyza are you here?
 14:41 Peggy21: LOL Peggy
 14:41 guest-623: I really dont know what you guys are doin
 14:41 guest-623: please do
 14:41 lughdanann: put in tag insect world and see what comes up
 14:41 Peggy: http://cogdogblog.com/2011/12/18/hanging-out-pechaflickr/ we're doing a variation on this one
 14:41 Peggy: harbor--aha!
 14:41 Peggy: beautiful pictures though
 14:42 lughdanann: students could anonymously write tag and others pick from hat. Keep them involved, find, guess own tag
 14:42 Peggy: that would be a great way to get started
 14:42 Peggy: solo for 5 slides
 14:42 Peggy: I love having them guess the tag
 14:42 Peggy: writing a letter to a friend
 14:43 Peggy: dear friend...
 14:43 lughdanann: s's could write situation, too--put inone hat; tag in the other and mix and match,s ee what funny comes up. Imagine class could be in stitches
 14:43 lughdanann: He didn't get to see the modeling
 14:44 Peggy: very clever lughdanann!! love that
 14:44 lughdanann: so many possibilites:)
 14:45 lughdanann: a child! Yay. Is he going to do ti?
 14:45 Peggy: it's hard to look at the picture and then come up with a story line but the prompt helps
 14:45 Peggy: how cute!!! what a great helper you have there!
 14:45 lughdanann: give him prompt animals
 14:45 lughdanann: grrr
 14:45 lughdanann: :)
 14:46 Peggy: what a great story teller!! :-)
 14:46 Peggy: very hard to guess this tag!
 14:46 lughdanann: yes, for sure!
 14:47 Peggy: hahahahaha
 14:47 lughdanann: I knew that was coming with animal tag!
 14:47 guest-622: grrr-eat story!
 14:47 Peggy: can't stop laughing!!
 14:47 Peggy: put the filter on the photos if you're doing it with kids
 14:47 lughdanann: Reminds me of being on tram in sky gloing down mountian in Switzerland, and seeing cows below...
 14:47 Peggy: that's a tough act to follow!
 14:48 lughdanann: wacky
 14:48 Peggy: what was the tag?
 14:48 Peggy: I don't think you would get the same photos with the same tag
 14:49 Peggy: kids are much less inhibited than adults :-)
 14:49 Peggy: I agree with her!
 14:49 lughdanann: Ha! Good one gjouce grrrrr-eat
 14:49 Peggy21: bear - as tag
 14:49 lughdanann: can you filter?
 14:50 Peggy: but there wasn't a bear in the dog photo was there?
 14:50 lughdanann: dog named Bear probably
 14:50 Peggy: aha! could be
 14:50 Peggy: safer to prepare them in advance...
 14:51 lughdanann: yes, but takes fun out!
 14:51 Peggy: http://pechaflickr.cogdogblog.com/
 14:51 Peggy: is the code posted there? not seeing it in this chat room
 14:53 Peggy: could you create a list of photos using urls in Diigo and play it as webslides? you can set a timer with webslides
 14:53 Peggy: sound might interfere with the story telling
 14:53 Peggy: http://pechaflickrleague.wikispaces.com/
 14:53 Peggy: Dave Cormier :-)
 14:53 Peggy: this is right up his alley
 14:54 Peggy: yes even Photopeach
 14:54 Peggy: great idea Jeff
 14:54 Peggy: this has been so much fun and I think it has great potential in the classroom
 14:54 lughdanann: Yes, like daily warm-up--writing, too
 14:54 Peggy: tag galaxy
 14:55 Peggy: http://taggalaxy.de/
 14:56 Peggy: cool iris might be an interesting way to do it with many images on the screen and a person could pick the ones they want to talk about
 14:57 Peggy: pollyana :-)
 14:57 Peggy: a modern-day pollyana
 14:58 Peggy: she's missing something...gaga in style
 14:58 Peggy: make it up...
 14:58 lughdanann: Tag Galaxy is beautiful I put in tag animals. Any ideas how to use in classrm?
 14:58 Peggy: too bad!!! awesome job!!!
 14:58 Peggy: that was really fun!!
 14:59 Peggy: thanks to all of you for introducing us to PechaFlickr!!! love it!
 14:59 Peggy: go forward and practice story telling :-)
 14:59 lughdanann: Will you do something like this next week?
 15:00 Peggy: thanks everyone! need to change urls right? not being streamed?
 15:00 Peggy: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded
 15:00 jeff: Not on Sunday - have plans with my wife, but will try to do it again some time during EVO
 15:00 guest-622: Thank you everyone, including bear.
 15:00 Peggy: scottlo.com??
 15:01 Vance: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/volunteersneeded
 15:02 Peggy: interesting Jeff-when I clicked on the spainportal link it opened right here in the chat window :-)
 15:02 Peggy: that was a new experience
 15:02 Peggy: right clicking works fine to open in a new tab
 15:02 Peggy: hearing you great Jeff
 15:02 Vance: yeah, if you want more, IWB, go to the wiki and click on the lin,
 15:03 Vance: nice to see everyone
 15:04 Vance: IWB event takes place in the IATEFL online conference room. Click here http://ltsig.org.uk/online-events/46-future-online-events/229-151-cool-a...
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