Learning2gether Visit with MachineEVO

Learning2gether Visit with MachineEVO
An update on Week#1 of the EVO2012's MachineEVO Session
Hosted Inworld  by Heike Philp
January 15, 2012

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11:53 guest-293: Is second life going to be streaming here at the live Studio?

11:53 Jeff: Yes it is

11:54 Marijana: LOL jeff

11:54 Marijana: :) Cool, and you are flying

11:54 guest-603: I can't even put on my shoes let alone change my entire look! You look wonderful.

11:56 Marijana: LOve your look H eike! :)

11:57 guest-12: SL stream is awesome

11:59 Marijana: SL looks very interesting :)

12:09 Vance: This is a nice place to be :-)

12:09 Vance: I'll be back, need to start my VPN

12:12 Vance: Well said Jeff

12:12 Vance: SL is relaunching

12:13 Vance: Webhead Link is me btw

12:15 Vance: Webhead has made it over to SL

12:24 guest-603: Overall, I see a high degree of interaction which is always a good opportunity for learners to engage in meaningful discussion. The vehicle of SL as a ESL course is amazing.

12:25 guest-603: Are most of these projects in SL, the machinas, collaborative projects?

12:26 guest-603: I guess the better question is, are any of these projects completed by individuals without the help of a coworker?

12:27 Jeff: will forward both questions to Heike

12:29 guest-603: So is a machina project a problem-based learning project?

12:29 Vance: I was going to relay them, so I'm watching here as well

12:29 Vance: so if anyone has questions ...

12:36 Vance: MachinEVO is an EVO sessions workshop for video productions of language learning conversations in Second Life http://machinevo.pbworks.com http://machinevo.ning.com

12:39 guest-603: It is incredibly creative idea of using SL in this way. I am not schooled in SL, but in the scenario you just described, the hotel check-in, given the links and easy access to Youtube, you've suggested a very good reason to enter SL.

12:40 Vance: Which EVO sessions are you taking Jenny?

12:40 guest-603: Multilit.

12:40 Vance: only?

12:41 Vance: (it's probably enough :-)

12:41 guest-603: I am in Change11 too. And a real-time job too.... ;-)

12:41 Vance: me too :-)

12:44 guest-603: What I am most impressed with SL and ESL potential is the increased interaction for students to engage in novel language use. If the practice session is the viewing the machina, then the reinactment is a second level, and visiting in-world to interact with those who watched the video too is wonderful.

12:44 guest-603: Meaningful output....

12:45 guest-293: What is mobile learning?

12:46 Vance: using apps for language learning on a smart phone

12:47 Vance: I wonder if you can do SL on a smartphone yet

12:47 Vance: Minecraft seems to be an interesting game for education

12:55 Vance: you heard it here first !

13:01 Jeff: http://www.pce.uw.edu/certificates/virtual-worlds.html

13:02 Vance: thanks I was trying to get that link from my SL computer to my stream computer

13:05 lughdanann: Hi Vance. Deborah K here from Florida. Are you involved with U of W school linked above?

13:05 Vance: Hi Deborah, Heiki is taking a course there, she was just talking about it

13:06 Vance: it's being recorded

13:06 Vance: do you have any questions? We can relay them?

13:08 lughdanann: Oh, I see. Hi Heiki. Re-Q's-no, not really. I'm new with all of this and am exploring. I was trying to navigate in SL this am and find Webheads, etc. bu I've got a bit to learn yet.

13:08 Vance: I'm moderating the Multiliteracies course and the whole first week is dedicated to orienting

13:10 lughdanann: I had started an EDuc Technology program about ten yrs ago, but found it to be mostly behavioristic instructional design and I ahted it. When you put the link up to U of Wash, I thought wondered what their course was like. Frankly, though, I'm getting more out of this EVO conference, and I expect, little by little it'll all come together--unless it changes:)

13:10 Vance: I've been enjoying it coming together for years now

13:13 Peggy: http://www.slbloodlines.com/

13:13 lughdanann: Yes, I see.

13:14 lughdanann: I am trying to figure out why people like Moodle so much.

13:14 Vance: http://www.elderscrolls.com/skyrim/

13:15 guest-614: Hello everyone !!

13:16 Jeff: Hello Ayat

13:16 lughdanann: Hello Ayat

13:17 Marijana: Hi, am back, hello Ayat

13:17 Vance: Hi Ayat

13:17 guest-614: Hello Vance !! Hi Marijana !

13:20 Vance: I've just popped into Tapped In. They say you were there Ayat

13:21 guest-614: Yeah, I was with some newbies from Baw there !!

13:21 Vance: Jeff is making that camera fly

13:22 Vance: upcoming events listed here: http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/w/page/32206114/volunteersneeded

13:23 guest-614: Will the Pecha flickr be streamed here too? any other room to join??

13:24 Vance: I think it will be

13:24 Vance: here

13:24 Marijana: It will be screamed as well

13:24 guest-614: Oh, I got it !!! It's a google hangout, and streamed here as well !!

13:24 Vance: Jeff continues with http://jefflebow.net/node/283

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