George Siemens Open Online Courses: PLN Environments and Networks at CMC11

September 29, 2011

Chat Log Below


Carol Yeager: Nice to see you here Norman
Norman: your emails are really helping me with this MOOC
Carol Yeager: Great to know that, Norman
Carol Yeager: Hello Jeff   
Norman: are they ever going to make this full duplex
Me: Hello all
Carol Yeager: @Jeff, many thanks for coming by
Me: a pleasure
Me: should have simulcast up in 2 minutes
Norman: So george will it be death by PPT today
Carol Yeager: @Jeff do you need  priv?
Me: nope - just a streaming lurker
Carol Yeager: OK, thx
Carol Yeager: George is uploading now, at keast from what he said a few minutes ago
Carol Yeager: aha!
Carol Yeager: OK, thanks, George
Carol Yeager: Hi Jim, and welcome   
jimgroom: Hi Carol, and thank you
Norman: good george
Carol Yeager: Great stuff, COOLCasting
jimgroom: Glad to be here, if it is good with you I will see if I can't xcast this to ds106radio--if that works for you
Carol Yeager: OK, warning in cue #1
Carol Yeager: No concerns at all!!
Carol Yeager: Go for it Jeff   
Betty Lawrence:Sounds great!
jimgroom: Excellent
George Siemens: btw, where are you folks "dialing in" from?
George Siemens: i hear a hair dryer. or an airplane
Norman: how do i get on the livestream
George Siemens: no prob   
Norman: is it a good idea to use both broadcasts
George Siemens: oh oh
George Siemens: lower standards
George Siemens: LOWER
Norman: what about a public learning enviornment
Betty Lawrence:Wow!  13 years since birth of Google..
Norman: that is how ADHD people may look at the world
Carol Yeager: expensive commodities   
Norman: maybe there is a future for socialism
Norman: if we commoditize our data we commoditize ourselves
Norman: we socialize to make more of ourselves
Betty Lawrence:Do children do this better than adults?
Norman: do you think data is property?
Carol Yeager: And perhas we also need some experience in aplication of this knowledge?
Betty Lawrence:Thanks- interesting.
Norman: so are people then property?
Norman: doesnt data make up people?
ilyse kazar: ... except that to kids the technology is invisible, it is not an impediment ... they do not think about the keyboard and what to click, they have a more direct relationship with their network. No?
Norman: what if i transplant it
Norman: organs are done everyday
dora nerantzaki: I can't listento you.Does anybody know what goes wrong?
ilyse kazar: So is this the end of a defined "body of knowledge"? And then how are students assessed?
Carol Yeager: sound on my end is OK, perhaps @dora, your speakers are not on?
Carol Yeager: or your headset has a loose fitting?
Norman: interesting question ilyse
Betty Lawrence:@Dora- try the audio wizard- tools, wizard...
Norman: isnt any social relationship a network
Carol Yeager: ds106 is dynamite and soo rewarding
Betty Lawrence:@Norman relationships certainly can be represented by a network.
Norman: what is ds106?
Norman: so reputation
Norman: positions you
jimgroom: @Norman An dgital storytelling class at UMW
jimgroom: @Norman Or even "a digital"  ...
dora nerantzaki: trying.but i can't find what have i done .I can't listen
Carol Yeager: @Dora ... try listening here
Norman: so what?
Carol Yeager: this presentatin is being simulcast
Carol Yeager: on edtechtalk
Norman: i do not pay rent to a professor after taking a class
ilyse kazar: could you say a few words about Diaspora?
dora nerantzaki: Thanks  I do now
Carol Yeager: @dora ... great!
Norman: what about remixing
Carol Yeager: complex mightbe a better term than more advanced?
Norman: you cannot own an idea
Carol Yeager: Value added is the key with MOOCs I think
Betty Lawrence:There was a question from Ilyse about Doiaspora.
Norman: what is wrong with the MOOC model
Betty Lawrence:Sorry- Diaspora.
Norman: havent we always been able to make our own spaces but that is hard to scale
Betty Lawrence:So your preference is for blogs connected by gRSShopper?
ilyse kazar: hmmm. Diaspora leaves you in full ownership of your data and gives you total control over what you share to whom. just suggest folks have a look, i'm enjoying it very much. Not much like FB at all.
Betty Lawrence:Ok- thanks.
Norman: hi nellie
Carol Yeager: Hello Nellie
Norman: i have many friends who deserted BLKBD for WordPress
Betty Lawrence:What about an open source e-portfolio such as Mahara?
Nellie Deutsch: Home base for many today is their universities
Norman: How do you make an open online learning course
Nellie Deutsch: Not many educators are respected unless they are university affiliated.
Norman: learning school
Nellie Deutsch: @Norman, contact me if you wish to know.
Betty Lawrence:@Norman- you can use Wikieducator
Nellie Deutsch: Wikieducator is also turning to university affiliation with OER University. Anyone who is not affliated with a uni is not as respected as educators who work for a university
Norman: respected by whom nellie
Nellie Deutsch: Open learning is not as appreciated as it should be. I would like to see it become the norm
Norman: heheheh
Nellie Deutsch: Respected by other educators, Norman
Norman: guess i have never been cured of the hacker ethic
ilyse kazar: Narrowed it down to a few tools that WORK for me!
Nellie Deutsch: I am enjoying it less and less and I started with CCKO8
Norman: i like MOOCs
Lenandlar Singh 2: i am not sure
Nellie Deutsch: I found the first MOOCs more engaging and exciting
Alison: I am enjoying it, but feel I'm pressed for time to engage at a level I would be happy with
Norman: i am trying to figure out how to combine a MOOC with a MOORPG
2008175: I think that a conversation face-to-face has a much different aspect inasmuchas one feels more free to create points which may not look as good written down.  One mulls and edits.
Betty Lawrence:The MOOC does require some more discipline on my part.
Lorette Calix: Haven't made the time to participate in discussions, just browse articles and attend lectures
ilyse kazar: RSS (netNewsWire) pulls in feed from the blogs, cdlprojects site, wallwishers, diigo groups, zotero groups, ALL IN ONE PLACE. Then I have my own Drupal web site where I created a blog, Ning where I created a channel, and Zotero where I keep the "catalog" or "library" of resources I find useful to furthering my own personal learning goals
Norman: the problem is the word course
Nellie Deutsch: I like the social aspect of learning in CCK08
Norman: why does WOW work
ilyse kazar: Why don't we change "course" to "collaboration"
ilyse kazar: Massive Open Online Collaboration
Nellie Deutsch: Discussions for me are key.
Norman: good for me Ilyse
ilyse kazar: no Qs here!
Nellie Deutsch: Just curious, but are there learners under 40 in these MOOCs?
Carol Yeager: @Nellie ... yes
Nellie Deutsch: Any learners under 30?
Carol Yeager: y
Nellie Deutsch: Great!!!!
Norman: would love to meet them  
Lenandlar Singh 2: im 32 but not sure if you will class me a "learner"    im more a passive participant at the moment
Nellie Deutsch: @Norman, me, too.
Carol Yeager: @Norman .. ask them to speak up in CMC11
Carol Yeager: and ask how they feel aboiut the learning journey :_)
Nellie Deutsch: Yes, Carol. I know none of my students (under30) would join.
Norman: historians recreate coherence from fragmented info all the time
Carol Yeager: @Norman ...god point
2008175: as do medical professionals
Carol Yeager: oops, good point
2008175: haha
Betty Lawrence:But, coherence in the more structured LMS is sometimes artificial and therefore less valuable for lifelong learning.
Norman: as do journalists
2008175: yes
Carol Yeager: Coherence may + control over knowledge
Lenandlar Singh 2: someone will have to decide what is coherent...if you decide it for me...then im locked into a way of thinking to start with?
2008175: exactly and what is construed as coherent is often only in the mind of the authors of the textbook
Norman: Freire calls it the banking model
Nellie Deutsch: @Lenandlar, good point. You are expected to think in a certain way.
Nellie Deutsch: I love getting lost online.
ilyse kazar: @Lendandlar, I don't think someone sharing the narrative that has been constructed in their mind automatically blindfolds us. I think, in fact, it can provide the inspiration, the basis, for the story we then repurpose it into.
Carol Yeager: Discomfort can be an opening for discovery
Norman: brilliant point george
Nellie Deutsch: Discomfort for me is where learning starts.
Betty Lawrence:True. I have been talking to some of our CMC11 registrants who are uncomfortable.
ilyse kazar: nellie, i like ^^
2008175: that is often outside the traditional learning model
Nellie Deutsch: Being uncomfortable is very comforting because that's life.
Betty Lawrence:Yes, tags are very powerful!
Lenandlar Singh 2: we need skills - totally agree...and ia gree, we have to form our coherence
Norman: you keep trying to force it back into the school paradigm
Norman: why?
Nellie Deutsch: I hate concept maps but I teach using it. Go figure.
2008175: who does?
ilyse kazar: [OT] thank goodness the Eleventh International Conference on Membrane Computing (CMC11) is over or we'd see some strange stuff in the twitter stream
Lenandlar Singh 2: i do not like concept maps...i don;t know why...i have a chapter to write and this morning i thought about doing one...but i have not yet found them "coherent" enough for me   
Norman: Adam Smith is responsible
Norman: division of labor
Betty Lawrence:@ilyse- yes, that was unwanted noise!
Carol Yeager: In the day of instant gratification, incubation is important
Nellie Deutsch: time is relative, we have it if we don't waste time figuring out how to manage  it.   
ilyse kazar: i love this
Norman: schools domesticate us and put us in the barn....we stop foraging
Betty Lawrence:Co-created content is so important!
ilyse kazar: @Norman I'm also interested in taking this whole discussion out of the school paradigm. I am not an educator, and have no interest in becoming one within an institution
Nellie Deutsch: I agree, Norman. That's why I teach in school so I can break the system from the inside.
Norman: I am trying
ilyse kazar: (for we ESC students, this is an interdisciplinary course, not towards an Education degree)
Lenandlar Singh 2: i've found it quite neat to "break systems from inside"
2008175: yay, Nellie!
Nellie Deutsch: Ilyse Kazar, good for you. :0
ilyse kazar: @Nellie, I love it. "Put on the suit and infiltrate."
Norman: my last school realize i was a guerrlia and axed me
Nellie Deutsch: Yes, Ilyse
Nellie Deutsch: Norman, please contact me;
Carol Yeager:
Betty Lawrence:George- where do e-portfolios fit in here?
2008175: but, let's not disregard the fact that many of the best co-creators are discovered in those settings, and need to be heard
Alison: which e-portfolio shareware do you prefer?
Lenandlar Singh 2: facebook group cmc11
Lenandlar Singh 2: Change11 ie
Norman: ok nellie
Nellie Deutsch: Just google search Nellie Deutsch
Lenandlar Singh 2: google Lenandlar Singh   
Norman: Jane McGonigal Reality is Broken
2008175: wfieser here
Nellie Deutsch: I loved CCK08!
Betty Lawrence:@Alison- I've heard great things about Mahara. I don't have an acount yet, but have seen some great examples.
Lenandlar Singh 2: Nellie, i missed it...please share some of it in the fb group if u can...thank you
Carol Yeager: Has a FB group for CMC11 been started? @ Lenandler
Norman: Ilyse
Lenandlar Singh 2: No carol...shall i start one?
ilyse kazar: ty norman
Carol Yeager: Hi wendy and thx for identification   
Norman: @ilyse where are you located
2008175: sure
Carol Yeager: @Lenander .. why not?
Lenandlar Singh 2: will do now
Norman: I am near wash dc
Carol Yeager: Great idea!
Carol Yeager: More from George for you to check out
Betty Lawrence:@Lenander That would be great!
Nellie Deutsch: I like the elearning space newsletter.
ilyse kazar: Q
Norman: Great stuff george\
George Siemens: thanks Nellie   
George Siemens: thx Norman
2008175: Thank you, George
Lenandlar Singh 2: Thanks George
Carol Yeager: George this has been a great help and source
Carol Yeager: of much needed information
Lenandlar Singh 2: everytime i listen, it;s like i have no idea but it;s all refreshing.
Nellie Deutsch: I prefer newsletters/blog posts to some of these live events.
Lorette Calix: NO questions.  Thanks for your time.
ilyse kazar: Some of us are having a side discussion here looking to break this discussion out of the "university/schools" paradigm
Betty Lawrence:Thanks so much!
2008175: reigning things in has been a real challenge for me
Lenandlar Singh 2: this is taking some time for this young brain
Norman: why are you so wedded to the school paradigm george
ilyse kazar: i hae no idea how to ask a Q. Apparently text q's don't count ...   
ilyse kazar: thanks all!
Alison: thank you
Nellie Deutsch: Thank you, George, Carol,Betty and everyone in the chatbox
2008175: oh, seriously, geez
ilyse kazar: it was thought-provoking
2008175: didn't know that thanks, Allison
Lenandlar Singh 2: thanks...thanks for allowing under 40s
George Siemens: by all!
dora nerantzaki: thanks
Carol Yeager: Bye and thanks so much, George
Betty Lawrence:Please leave the session so we an get the recording!  Thanks, everyone!