EFL Hangout w/ Graham Stanley


EFL Teacher Hangout
Graham Stanleyw/ Graham Stanley
July 27, 2011
ELT Mover & Shaker, Graham Stanley (aka Baldric Commons) relects on his langauge teaching journey and assorted projects including  blog-efl, Digital Play, Avalon, & aPlanet

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Vance Stevens: what yeardid you start using computers?
Vance Stevens: that was a great decision
did you know gavin dudeney as a standup comic?
Vance Stevens: that's when I started blogging with students, 2003
Vance Stevens: http://dekita.org/
that's Bee's blog from those days
Graham Stanley: Dekita came later http://beeonline.blogspot.com/
Jeff Lebow: http://www.towerofenglish.com/
Vance Stevens: I could say something interestingabout this Stanley, Graham. (2006). Podcasting: Audio on the Internet Comes of Age. TESL-EJ, Volume 9, Number 4. http://tesl-ej.org/ej36/int.html.
Jeff Lebow: and
Vance Stevens: hence eflbridges?  early hangouts
Vance Stevens: wanderingabout or wondering about ?
still an active ning
Vance Stevens: it's creative
Vance Stevens: and RE installing and RE installing
Vance Stevens: check this imposition of fantasy onto real geography
they are not evil
David Winet: back in a bit....morning chores..
Vance Stevens:edumoocast an hour from now I think
Jeff Lebow: yep
Vance Stevens: a 140 character grant proposal
Graham Stanley:http://www.itilt.eu
Vance Stevens: here's a better URL http://aplanet-project.org/
Graham Stanley: Thanks!
Vance Stevens: http://www.google.com/search?q=dubai+and+star+wars+photos&hl=en&prmd=ivn...
Vance Stevens: really liked your workshop last year on games, in Sao Paulo
Graham Stanley:http://www.digitalplay.info/blog
Vance Stevens: it's morning, the alarm goes off, what do you do ... great start to a game
Don Glass: mine wouldn't
Vance Stevens: hi Don
Don Glass: Hey Vance...folks here asking about you AsiaTEFL
Vance Stevens: where is here for you, ah, what city?
Don Glass: Seoul
Vance Stevens: i remember now
Graham Stanley:http://www.minecraft.com
Vance Stevens:http://minecraftteacher.net/

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