Single Computer HangoutCasting Trial - July 22, 2011


Finding Stereo Mix

I was never able to get it working on a single XP computer without Virtual Audio Cables. I have encountered Vista & Windows 7 machines that didn't have stereo mix to start out with, but once I downloaded additional drivers from the sound card websites, stereo mix appeared.   
Using two computers can be a hassle, but does have its advantages - distributes work load and gives you two monitors to work with. 

recording/stereo mix issues

Hi Jeff

I got Stereo Mix working on one computer -- I'm going to try to follow your directions to record a webconf including my voice and the remote voices.  At this point I need to figure out how to get *both* the mic input *and* the stereo mix input recorded at the same time. I used to have a computer that allowed me to unmute the mic such that I could hear myself through the speaker -- that made it possible to simply record everything -- but this *$!* computer I have now doesn't seem to allow me to hear myself through the speaker.... aarrrghhh.

I did think about running a line from the headphone-out jack to a two-in one-out adapter,  and using the other hole in the adapter for the mic,  then plug the adapter into the mic-in on the computer.  I may try that. I think I did that back in the day once and it worked.

I actually have Virtual Cable on my netbook (which does *not* have stereo mix and is an Acer and their latest sound card drivers from conexant don't have it either -- I shoulda bought a Dell...).  Can't figure out how to set up Virtual Cable to record both my voice and the remote voice but VC has a page about that so I'll check that.


Thanks for your great tutorials.


Dave Winet