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JeffThis is the personal site of Jeff Lebow. I am not a very active 'blogger', but do spend a lot of time online building Worldbridges communities, teaching at BUFS, and LearningCall.  Currently, my 'bridge building' is focused on keeping Koreabridge chugging along and bringing Englishbridges back to life, but I also spend time webcasting at EdTechTalk, talking about webcasting at the Academy, MOOC'ing, and lately hanging out a lot with Google+.  Most of my content will posted elsewhere in the Worldbridgosphere, but I will sometimes post significant webcasts and project updates here. 


Camera Love


It's been a long time since I've fallen in love with a camera.  First there was the camera that changed by life, then the SuperCamera Era.  Since that fateful piece of birthday cake, there have been a series of mediocre camcorders, none of which took crisp photos or particularly great quality video.  As the time to get another video camera was drawing near last fall, Nicki showed me her Canon at one of those awesome Busan Veggie group potlucks. A few months later, I had purchased a  Canon Rebel T3i DSLR online and picked it up during my trip to the States in February.  I chose the camera for its video abilities, but along the way, I have rediscovered the joy of trying to capture a moment with a photograph.  I'm never going to be a guy who can talk about the finer points of aperture and iso or who spends more on a lens than would on a new suit, but this camera can take some fine photos on Auto and provides me with as many options to fiddle with settings as I'd ever want.  The swivel viewscreen allows for some stealthiness which definitely helps in trying not to spoil the moment.  The photos are sharp enough and hi-res enough, so that I can do some serious cropping and still have a decent image.  It even worked pretty well as a makeshift slide scanner.  

As I was in the past,  I'm still drawn toward faces, but enjoying 'outdoor activity' this session with our trainees has provided plenty of other scenes and dishes to shoot as well. Below are some of my favorite pix, a couple of galleries and a 'beautiful day' slideshow.  More to come...

Class #1's Beautiful Day @ Igidae

Digitizing 35mm slides using a DSLR Camera and a Milk Carton


During my last trip back to the States, I discovered an old box of 35mm slides in Mom's attic and found myself contemplating how best to digitize them. There are a number of options that require additional gear, but armed with my new Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera, a used milk carton, and some Busan sunshine, I was able to get pretty decent digital versions of the old slides. 

I simply cut a square slightly bigger than the photo portion of the slide at the bottom of the milk container, gently taped the slide on and...


held it directly into the late afternoon Busan sky and clicked.

After a bit of photo cropping, I wound up with photos that looked like these below. 


2012 KOTESOL National Conference Videos

Koreabridge Webcast Coverage of the
2012 KOTESOL National Conference
May 26, 2012

COOLCast Discussion about Digital Identities with Bonnie Stewart


 COOLCast Discussion about Digital Identities with Bonnie Stewart
May 22, 2012

Paul Allison's profile photoBonnie Stewart's profile photoLisa M Lane's profile photoJohn Mikulski's profile photocarol yeager's profile photoJeff Lebow's profile photo
The BonnieSphere
From Bonnie's Blog
Digital Identities: Six Key Selves of Networked Publics

#change11: fleshing out the digital selves in practice (complete with augmented identity crisis)

EdTechWeekly #211


April 15, 2012

Dave, Jen, & Jeff catch up on the last two months since ETW209, reveal the uninsurable risks of webcasting, discuss the state of the Rhizomesphere and embracing the messy magic, and share a mini-linkdump.

    Mp3 file here

Links Mentioned:
Jen's In-World Nasa Challenge
Keynoter Dave
Dave's Mendeley
Chicago Foundation for Education
The Power of Introverts
Google's Education On Air (May 2)
Recuva deleted photos
Jeff's New Camera  Igidae   Trainees   Soiree

EdTechWeekly 209 - What are the Big Themes of EdTech?


February 26, 2012

Technology Integration Specialist, Drew McAllister joins Dave, John, & Jeff to discuss his efforts to share the big themes of EdTech with his staff as he transitions to a new position. 


Learning2gether EVO2012 PechaFickr

Learning2gether EVO2012 PechaFickr
Hosted by Scottlo
January 15, 2012
Learning2gether Info
PechaFlickr Background

Participants/Brave Souls:
Vance Stevens, Benjamin Stewart, Ayat tawel,
Marijana Smolcec, Lawan Dalha, & Jeff Lebow


EdTechWeekly#208 - 2012 Goals, Projects, and Edtechosphere updates

January 15, 2011
2012 Goals, Projects, and Edtechosphere updates

Learning2gether Visit with MachineEVO

Learning2gether Visit with MachineEVO
An update on Week#1 of the EVO2012's MachineEVO Session
Hosted Inworld  by Heike Philp
January 15, 2012

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