ETT Assembly Thoughts

Toward the end of tonight's ETT Community Assembly, Dave expressed strong opposition to including policies against using offensive words during webcasts.  I use the word 'offensive' after considering several others - obscenity, indecent, vulgar, curses, swear words   None of those seem to fit.  'Foul language' might  be appropriate, especialy in this case, but of course I'm  talking about Carlin's seven words and the like  (Thanks George for many laughs and for adding a lot to the conversation)

. In the context of ETT Policies and Worldbridgyness,

  • Sensitivity to offending others vs. Freedom of Expression &Genuinenss of Conversation
  • Dave's Legislation Concerns?
  • Standards vs Rules?


Well, that's what I'm thinking as I head upstairs.  Got a full day on the road ahead, so will ponder these and other matters as a wander my way through the New England countryside.

full count with 2 outs in the 9th and…


Had the Red Sox-Yankees game on, and just before what could have been the game-winning pitch, Fox switches to Nascar.
Of course, my first immediate concern was getting reconnected to some kind of live coverage. First stop, .

Not surprisingly (but still to my dismay), I got this when clicking gameday


At the time, I didn’t even think of radio. I don’t really have an am/fm receiver in the house other than the Net

Next stop was . At first search I was able to immediately commiserate with other fans and upon refresh a few seconds later, got news of the final out.

Not quite the same as hearing the crowd roar and collectively hold its breath with each pitch, but compelling in it own way.


 Two minutes later, I returned to and found this graphic of the last at bat.


This picture is easily worth a thousand words… and could support a variety of language learning possibilities.

Was working on the graphics unit for Media Week in EFL537 earlier this evening and still need to put together something on social media. This little episode has provided some useful demo material for both.


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