Worldbridges Town Hall - January 25, 2007

Worldbridges Town Hall
January 25, 2007
A meandering discussion about our To Do list
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Agenda below

Design Issues - We want to be pretty!
  • External graphic consultant vs. community generated graphics
  • Overall design integration across websites

Worldbridges Consulting Services

  • Services offered
  • The Flynn model
  • Worldbridges 'certification'
  • What's in it for WB certified consultants? What's in it for WB?
  • Project management systems

Educationbridges - Non Profit

  • What decisions need to be made to finalize formation and proceed?
  • Project proposals / grant request system
  • Timeframe, next steps

Community/Channel Management - i.e. EdTechTalk

  • What does it mean to be an 'EdTechTalk' show? - benefits, requirements
  • How do membership decisions get made?
  • Standards and Specifications
Assorted other issues
  • Channel Update
  • Timelines for Development
  • The Server Disaster of 2006 - Lessons learned from the Losar Attack
  • Worldbridges Currency
  • Site Custodian updates
  • Governance update (executive, communities, memberships)
  • Chat Logs (moderator access)