Worldbridges Town Hall - 2006-12-17

Worldbridges Town Hall
December 17, 2006
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We had our first regularly public meeting to discuss Worldbridges - the community, the company, the possibilities for evolution.  Below is the agenda we used.  Please share your thoughts by commenting on this post.  Next Town Hall scheduled for Dec. 31 (time to be announced).

- Welcome
    What is Worldbridges?

  •  it's a community, and organization, and a company
  • a global network of communities using collaborative technologies to educate, entertain, and effect positive change

   What is a Worldbridges Town Hall?

The Company
- 2006 Budget Review
- 2007 Budget Projections
How is the company going to generate revenue?

  • Membership Donations
  • Commercial Partners
    A Worldbridges Live Multimedia Open House for a Product or Service
  • Event Bridging ( On the Ground Support, remote training)
  • Consulting / Facilitation of Interactive Projects
Non-Profit EducationBridges
 - separate entity that coordinates efforts

Worldbridges Governance

  • Administrative Team
    • Benevolant Dictator (CEO)
    • Money Manager (CFO)
    • Tech Coordinator (CTO)
    • Legal Affairs
    • Membership Coordinator
    • Community Coordinator
  • Community Council
    • Community Reps
    • Division Heads
    • Choose the Executive Community Coordinator
  • Member Assembly
    • All Members

- Some thoughts about  Membership, Partnership, & Shareholding
- Membership - costs & benefits [1/365/24, a vote, member discounts)

- Commercial Partners - interact, evaluate, drive traffic, member discounts,

- Distribution of Income
    - Shareholders xx% (dividends)
    - Managers xx%  
    - External Investment & Donations

Community  Custodian
  • Responsibilities:  responding to email,  site maintainance, scheduling,
  • Compensation: % of Revenue,  shares
  • Term of Service: Appointed by executive,  confirmed periodically by community membership

 Worldbridges Attribution Fair Use License

  • Worldbridges and content creator have the right to use content commercially.
  • All users my attribute
  • Third Parties must obtain permission and/or pay fees to content creator if used commerically.