EdTechWeekly#200 - Google+ Update, Orchestrating Tech Meetings & E-Books

September 25, 2011

Participants:  Jeff Lebow,  dave cormierJohn Schinker
Topics:  Google+'s latest features (including Hangout 'with extras'), John asks how to make school tech committee meetings more efficient/on-topic, and Dave contemplates how to orchestrate the efforts of those writing the Change11 E-Book

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Chat Log Below


8:05 AM  JL: and we're back
8:06 AM  CathyE ban: hi everybody
8:06 AM  hostbbb ban: hi
8:09 AM  wayupnorth ban: hello
8:12 AM  hostbbb ban: :)
8:14 AM  CathyE ban: when is google+ going to be released for google apps?
8:14 AM  John ban: we don't know
8:15 AM  wayupnorth ban: whose cute kid pix are we seeing?
8:16 AM  dave ban: those are currently monthly shots of oscar (my boy)
8:16 AM  hostbbb ban: ad banners in your live show stream normal?
8:17 AM  dave ban: @hostbbb dunno. we've been playing around with new stuff recently
8:17 AM  dave ban: what are you seeing?
8:17 AM  JL: unavoidable - hopefully no video ads midstream though
8:17 AM  hostbbb ban: anthem ads and other botton 1/5
8:18 AM  hostbbb ban: had a 30 second toshiba
8:18 AM  hostbbb ban: in line
8:18 AM  hostbbb ban: complete video
8:19 AM  CathyE ban: you have to watch the video before we see you
8:19 AM  wayupnorth ban: I'm not seeing any ads xcept EdTech
8:19 AM  JL: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/google-92-93-94-95-96-97-98-99-10...
8:19 AM  hostbbb ban: watch big brother, maybe i need livestream account
8:21 AM  tracy ban: hello
8:24 AM  hostbbb ban: teachers on facebook at school
8:24 AM  CathyE ban: You needs norms for your meetings
8:24 AM  tracy ban: I want a taser!!
8:24 AM  hostbbb ban: im on one of those committees/
8:24 AM  wayupnorth ban: back again
8:29 AM  tracy ban: do you put time limits on topics?
8:36 AM  John ban: Minutes: http://www.bbhcsd.org/index.php?site=district&ContentType=blogsectio...
8:37 AM  John ban: Let's try that again. http://bit.ly/pQF3qX
8:39 AM  JL: http://titanpad.com/
8:39 AM  John : http://tasteoftech.net/
8:40 AM  CathyE : Congrats!
8:49 AM  CathyE : I have to run. Have a great week.
8:52 AM  wayupnorth : invite me jim.whati
8:52 AM  matt montagne : hey all
8:53 AM  matt montagne : just wanted to say a quick hello and congrats to the EdTech Weekly crew!
8:54 AM  matt montagne : video is better from phone
8:54 AM  matt montagne : looking forward to G+ 'On Air' JL??
8:55 AM  hostbbb : you guys having a seesion on how to replicate this?
8:55 AM  matt montagne : tons of articles written lately about sitting being one of the most deadly things we do
8:56 AM  matt montagne : chow all!
8:56 AM  hostbbb : interested in understanding how you do this.

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