A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability

A Discussion on Worldbridges Sustainability
November 16, 2006

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While hanging out on air before EdTech Brainstorm, Brad Hicks skyped in and asked Jeff & Dave about the sustainability of Worldbridges and The Webcast Academy.  The discussion that ensued covered non-profit possibilities, other financial considerations, potential management structures and how to avoid participant burnout. 

Chat Log Below

 dave    i'm here
 dave    yo yo
 Brad Hicks    Hi guys is there a skypecast set up?
 Brad Hicks    Mr Australia - lol
 Brad Hicks    I have some questions from you guys
 Brad Hicks    can you bring me in?
 Brad Hicks    for you guys*
 JasonR    Moooola!
 JL    Hey J
 Brad Hicks    Hey Jason
 JasonR    Greetings
 dave    sarah...
 Sarah    Hello
 dave    darth
 dave    cathy
 Sarah    It's me
 dave    it is you!
 Sarah    Yes, it is.
 Sarah    that's why I'm part of Pweb. Out of love.
 dARTh Gelwicks    Howdy, campers.
 Sarah    that's one of the biggest problems I have being part of the Worldbridges community.
 dave    camping?
 Sarah    pacing myself
 Sarah    not getting burnt out
 dave    yeah... tell me about it... :)
 Sarah    and trying to supress the guilt when I miss personal deadlines
 dARTh Gelwicks    It's easy to drown in the deep end.
 dave    and then letting them drag on after you miss them
 Sarah    and that, too
 dave    monkey!
 dARTh Gelwicks    Are you having primate problems?
 dave    kind of.
 Sarah    Oh! I'm not a problem!
 Sarah    or, haven't been recently.
 JasonR    I blow off my deadlines and go into Second Life instead
 dARTh Gelwicks    Why not treat it like a board of directors with yearly nominations and appointments?
 dave    we've discussed it
 JL    we need to policy it
 JL    governace
 JL    ance
 Sarah    obviously there are backups.
 dave    dominance
 JasonR    BTW, ecamm supposedly fixed my recording problems with a new update.
 Brad Hicks    Yeah i saw that Jason
 JasonR    I had an offending colon (:) in my contact list
 dARTh Gelwicks    I sat on a municipal board for three years before I bugged out. The only concern would be losing the character of the group under the weight of bureacracy.
 dARTh Gelwicks    (avoiding colon jokes now.)
 dARTh Gelwicks    Can't help it...I know lots of offending colons.
 JasonR    But it's such low hanging fruit
 dARTh Gelwicks    I was behind one in traffic this morning.
 dARTh Gelwicks    So if they only annoy you are they a semicolon?
 JasonR    Har :)
 cheryloakes    Hi
 cathy e    Hi Cheryl
 dARTh Gelwicks    Hi Cheryl
 cheryloakes    Hi Cathy
 cheryloakes    hi darth and Jason
 JasonR    greetings
 Brad Hicks    Hi Cheryl
 cathy e    an AUP
 cheryloakes    Hey, Brad, nice to see you online.
 Brad Hicks    Yeah decided to re-neg on a day of substitute teaching today
 Brad Hicks    have to get my uni assignment done
 Brad Hicks    writing a critical analysis of WorldBridges as a PLC - so really appreciate the guys addressing these questioins
 Brad Hicks    Professional learning Community*
 cheryloakes    really good idea, share your analysis.
 Brad Hicks    will do
 dave    must go and feed baby...
 dave    nice talking nice folks
 Brad Hicks    thanks dave, for your time
 dave    MONKEY!
 Doug    cya dave
 cheryloakes    bejois for Oscar
 Sarah    bye dave!
 Doug    yes all the best to Bon' and the wee man
 dave    many thanks
 cheryloakes    hey doug, and sharon, i missed seeing you and JL
 Doug    hi Cheryl, sorry I missed it
 cheryloakes    the podcast of WW2 is up at webcast academy.
 Doug    well done, I look forward to listening
 JL    https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 dave    monkey are you on brad's back?
 dave    bye again all...
 cheryloakes    Brad, it was very good to hear .
 dave    really must go... too bad. this is really cool...
 JL    Please join in the fun https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 cheryloakes    I agree BRAD, the academy has been incredible. I never thought I would be webcasting. I always like to join a conversation, but this was just not in my vocabulary until I started in the class.
 cheryloakes    I am so jealous of you being on the slopes!
 cheryloakes    We are water skiing at my mountain.
 Doug    I'll be "radiocasting" from a trailer
 cheryloakes    Sweet.
 Doug    didn't even get on the boards last yr
 cheryloakes    I am impressed.
 Doug    hope to get some runs this yr
 cheryloakes    Women of Web 2.0 new webcast.
 cheryloakes    My virtual learning community is more active than my school community most days.
 Brad Hicks    yup, 12 am GMT is always good for me
 cheryloakes    My virtual community is the place where I am challenged to move onto new learnings, I can be assured that I will learn something new. At school, I get excited when I can share something I've done in my virtual life.
 Brad Hicks    break out the coffee :-)
 Brad Hicks    here here
 JasonR    Weekends work for me
 cheryloakes    The webheads meet at 12PM GMT, so a 12AM sounds good.
 JasonR    Or late weekdays, after 6pm EST
 cheryloakes    I ditto that Doug.
 Brad Hicks    guinea pig Doug!
 cathy e    I wanna do it... I wanna do it. I will not give up!
 Brad Hicks    good idea - wiki
 cheryloakes    That is really how I learned best when online with Jeff and Brad one night and just doing it!
 cheryloakes    wait, that sounds like planning
 Brad Hicks    I was amazed that Jeff succumbed to a Moodle being established ;-)
 Doug    it's because of Sloodle == thin edge of Moodle wedge ;)
 cheryloakes    hey alex
 Alex Ragone    Hi Cheryl.
 JL    https://skypecasts.skype.com/skypecasts/skypecast/detailed.html?id_talk=...
 Alex Ragone    Sorry about that.
 Alex Ragone    Going to stay muted for now...
 cathy e    I have a feeling I will still be a student in the class of 1.9
 cheryloakes    No way Cathy, you are way into Web 2.0!!!
 Brad Hicks    Yep, if i can find a good time to schedule sessions, I definitely want to help in my time zone
 Brad Hicks    with the academy
 JasonR    Heh, you should see the Millionsofus people trying to organize a live event rigt now in SL. I'd copy the URL, but chat is not letting me :(
 JasonR    And the sim crashes
 Brad Hicks    how many channels can be supported? I though this nmay be a way to raise funding - people renting channels
 Brad Hicks    even if just for a token amount
 Brad Hicks    do we consider becoming somehow registered as a recognised training organisation? Not sure how that works in US/Canada
 Brad Hicks    would this give more weight to certification? Do we care?
 cheryloakes    Oh, yes very different!!!
 cheryloakes    I wouldn't have joined webcast academy unless I'd been through the webheads class and participated in skype calls.
 Doug    great point Cheryl