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Monument of love, the Taj Mahal, at heart of political storm

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India’s famed monument of love, the white marble Taj Mahal, is finding itself at the heart of a political storm, with some members of the country’s ruling Hindu right-wing party claiming that the mausoleum built by a Muslim emperor does not reflect Indian culture.

New Zealand election: Winston Peters to announce next prime minister – live

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NZ First leader to reveal whether he will form coalition with National or Labour to take Bill English or Jacinda Ardern into government

2.36am BST

Clever, New Zealand Herald. Let’s hope you don’t have to run this page again tomorrow. Or the day after…

Scoop! Today's @nzherald front page has the winner pic.twitter.com/1JEitd2QBT

2.27am BST

Over the past nine years of National government, Peters has repeatedly opined on his many “bottom lines” if he were to form a coalition government.

These include:

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The Gross Political Exploitation of Women’s Pain

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The end of Harvey Weinstein’s reign in Hollywood has started a cultural domino effect. First, some of the women he’d hurt came forward. Then, women who had been hurt by other people in the same industry came forward. Then, women outside of Hollywood who had been sexually assaulted or harassed within their own industries started talking, sharing their experiences using the hashtag #MeToo.  And now, everybody from MSNBC to CNN to USAToday agrees: somebody should do something.

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Al-Qaida set to gain as Islamic State disintegrates

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Over several nights in September, some 10,000 men, women and children fled areas under Islamic State control, hurrying through fields in northern Syria and risking fire from government troops to reach a province held by an al-Qaida-linked group.

Portugal: interior minister resigns after wildfires kill 100

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Constanca Urbano de Sousa bows to increasing political pressure as the death toll from series of blazes mounts

Portugal’s interior minister has been replaced amid criticism over the government’s handling of a series of deadly forest fires that have killed more than 100 people in four months.

Constanca Urbano de Sousa handed her resignation to socialist prime minister Antonio Costa Wednesday, bowing to increasing political pressure as the death toll mounted.

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